Warzone players furious over “useless” Killstreak after Season 2 QoL change

Max Candelarezi
Warzone player calling a Precision AirstrikeActivision

Warzone Season 2 introduced several quality-of-life improvements into the game set to enhance the overall experience. However, players have voiced their anger with one of the QoL changes which they think is making a previous powerful Killstreak “completely useless.”

Warzone Season 2 is currently in progress, bringing plenty of new content for players to explore. Notably, Fortune’s Keep is making a comeback, accompanied by the introduction of new weapons such as the RAM-9 SMG and BP50 AR, promising to significantly impact the game’s meta.

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Additionally, the major update introduced several changes and fixes to improve Warzone’s experience at full. This includes massive Perk modifications, a new one-shot Sniper, crucial M&K accuracy improvements, and plenty of QoL changes.

Despite some of the quality-of-life improvements set to make the game better, players claim that one of the Season 2 QoL changes has caused one of the most used Killstreaks in Warzone to be completely “useless.”

In a Reddit, user ‘FarTooShiesty’ pointed this out by titling their post “Precision Airstrikes completely useless.” And followed stating, “with the addition of showing the blast zone of precision airstrikes now, the kill streak has become pretty much useless in Warzone.”

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Despite being glad that the notification banner will now appear when walking into a Precision Airstrike in Warzone, they still think the “mini map area is overkill and kind of takes a lot of fun out of the game.”

Another player agreed with the OP saying, “It’s a garbage change, it takes the challenge out of avoiding and makes them less functional or worthwhile.”

“Yeah I agree, I’m not finding PAs useful anymore. If people know exactly what the damage range is well in advance of the strike, they’ll always be able to get out of the way in time,” another user added in the comments.

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While most have criticized this Season 2 QoL change, which shows the exact path of the Precision Airstrike in the mini-map if you are in its way when called, other players believe that to take advantage of its capacity, “Proper placement and timing” are needed.

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