Warzone players sick of dying to same two guns in “stale” meta

Nathan Warby
MW3 Warzone Season 4 Kar98k

Warzone players have accused the Season 4 meta of growing “stale” already, claiming there are only two viable guns that most enemies are running.

Each new Warzone season shakes up the meta as new guns as well as buffs and nerfs change which options are competitive. Sometimes this results in a varied meta where plenty of different weapons are strong, while other times only a handful really stand out.

According to players, Season 4 falls into the latter category as two guns in particular, are dominating every match. They are the returning Kar98k and Superi 46, both of which were added in the Season 4 update.

Reddit user ‘sippsay’ shared a post jokingly asking: “Anyone else loving the weapon balance and diversity this patch?” This came with a screenshot of their only custom loadouts, which had the Superi as a primary and the Kar98k as the secondary.

Plenty of players responded about the lack of other options in Warzone Season 4, adding that they were sick of dying to the same two guns in every match and wished that there were more viable options, especially after the DG-58 LSW nerf on June 4.

“It’s been nearly a week since I was killed by anything other than the two weapons in this meme,” said one reply, before another added: “It’s kinda bad when players can only use a small amount of weapons because they are scared of other guns.”

Some Warzone players called out the Kar98k specifically, arguing that its one-shot potential and power at all ranges make it too difficult to use anything else: “The KAR98K was the worst thing to happen to Warzone 3, change my mind. The meta has gotten so stale so fast.”

Fans suggested two different ways of making the meta more balanced in Season 4, the first of which was to nerf the Kar and Superi 46 so that different guns would become appealing. The other was to buff some Assault Rifles and LMGs to provide more competition.

The devs often roll out balancing changes through smaller updates during the season, as well as even more in the Reloaded update. So players will be hoping that these two weapons don’t dominate the game on their own for too much longer.

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