Warzone players call for buffs to “pointless” weapon category no one uses

Aakash Regmi
warzone operator running through smoke with vehicle in the background

Warzone has plenty of different weapon categories, and they continue to receive buffs and nerfs all the time. One particular category, however, hasn’t received much love, and now players think it “needs a buff big time.”

Each update in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 sees plenty of balancing changes. While sometimes these changes put previously “underrated” guns back on the map, it has never happened for Launchers.

The latest Season 1 Reloaded patch notes for Warzone didn’t mention Launchers in the list of buffs and nerfs. This wasn’t always the case, as in previous Warzones, although situational, Launchers were viable, with some even considering them a “free killstreak.” 

Players are now starting to “miss WZ1” because of it. As Reddit user ‘astro_scientician’ pointed out on the CODWarzone subreddit, asking, “What’s the actual point of them?”

The OP wrote, “They don’t do s**t to operators unless you hit someone directly in the face or spam 6 at a time. Lock-ons are useless bc they don’t one hit and there’s plenty of warning, and vehicles are barely used as it is”

It had many think about previous Warzone, where they were a fine choice: “I loved the Strela in Warzone 1 and had a bit of fun with it on Vondel, but rn they are just absolutely not viable at all.” Another user echoed the same, “I miss WZ1 when not everyone had overkill and RPG secondary was actually good against vehicles/players.”

Some said that it doesn’t make any logical sense to have them so low down the pecking order, “1 shot throwing knife, 6 nades from the launcher. Seems about right.”

Most were seen mourning over JOKR and felt most RPGs should at least one-shot vehicles because it has an easy counter: “The move to make RPG’s NOT one-hit vehicles was dumb. Everyone knew that the counter was a trophy on top.”

While Launchers aren’t the best choice in Warzone at the moment, considering so many balancing changes the game has received, players hope that developers will buff Launchers one day. 

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