MW3 Zombies: All contracts & how to complete them

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 zombies player doing raid weapon stash contract

Wondering how many MW3 Zombies Contracts there are and what all of them task players to do? Here’s a full list of every Contract in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

MW3 Zombies poses quite the challenge for players, not just in the Story Missions, which can take some time to complete, but also in the grind for better gear.

Once you’re in a match of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you’ll want to collect Contracts and complete as many of them as possible to get as much Essence and rewards that you can to better your loadout and go into the higher Threat Zones.

That said, you may be wondering what all of the Contracts are in MWZ, including how you can complete them, so here’s everything you need to know, as well as the rewards you can get.

Every MW3 Zombies Contract explained

Here’s a full breakdown of every MW3 Zombies Contract, including the task you will need to complete:

ContractTask description
Eliminate The BountyTake down a nearby boss marked on your minimap.
Raid Weapon StashHead to the marked location and drill into a safe. Survive the oncoming Zombies and Mercenaries until the drill is finished.
Aether ExtractionDisarm three rockets marked on your map within the time limit. Zombies and Mercenaries will try to stop you.
Deliver CargoHead to the marked location on your map, access the garage, and drive the Cargo vehicle to the marked destination. An enemy helicopter will try to stop you.
Defend Ground StationActivate three seismic refractors, head to the computer marked on your map, and interact with it to start the upload. Survive and protect the computer from the oncoming Zombies and Mercenaries to complete the Contract.
Spore ControlCollect the inhibitors marked on your map. Use these inhibitors to destroy the spores which will be marked on your map.
OutlastGo to the area marked on your map and start the PND. The area will now be corrupted. Defend the area until the PND reaches 100%.
EscortHead to the tank marked on your map. Escort the tank to each location and protect it from Zombies to complete the Contract.

These descriptions are relevant once you pick up the contract, as that will initiate the first step.

MW3 Zombies Contract rewards

Depending on the Threat Zone difficulty you are in, rewards for contracts include Essence, Perks, Ammo Mods, Aether Tools, Aetherium Crystals, and even Wonder Weapon Schematics & Weapon Cases.

For the best rewards, players will want to complete Contracts in the red Level 3 Threat Zone. It’s not easy to survive, but if you have the gear, squad, Pack-a-Punched guns and Wonder Weapons to take on the tough enemies, it’s well worth it.

Well, there you have it, that was every Contract in MW3 Zombies. For more guides, check out:

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