MW3 Zombies players divided over “boring” gameplay

Zombies in Modern Warfare 3Activision

Treyarch’s round-based mechanics are gone in Modern Warfare 3’s take on Zombies, and players are calling it “the worst we’ve had so far.”

Modern Warfare 3 may have brought back the fan-favorite Zombies mode, but it seems that players aren’t too impressed. After its official release, players are slamming the new MW3 Zombies mode, calling it “boring” and that it feels “overwhelming and overcomplicated.”

The new DMZ-like Zombies mode sees players on Warzone’s next map Urzikstan for the very first time. The mode includes the same time-limit mechanics, and in only 45 minutes there’s a lot to do before exfilling from the zone.

Even the popular Call of Duty content creator JGOD shared his thoughts on MW3 Zombies, finding some pros and cons on the way. A lot of players like JGOD miss the round-based system, and point out the time limit and lack of Easter eggs at launch.

MW3 Zombies has fans divided

Modern Warfare 3‘s Zombies mode is supposed to bring back gameplay elements from Outbreak in Black Ops Cold War and mix them up with the DMZ extraction-based formula. Famous streamer NoahJ456 shared his opinion on the matter and called out the story being “mega boring” and “non-existent.”

The streamer continues to slam the new Zombies by calling it “trash,” with “basic and generic” elements that add “no mystery” to the fan-favorite mode. While his opinions are strong, players agreed by saying that “they took the worst thing they’ve ever made and added zombies to it” – likely referring to DMZ.

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On the other side, some players disagreed with the streamer. They stated that the community doesn’t like a Zombie mode where “they can’t run around a small map for hours” or have “a story that requires a PhD to understand.”

With DMZ’s introduction last year, it seems players have been enjoying the “hella fun” exfills, and now Zombies added to it looks like good news. Fans have called the negative comments “unrealistic” as this iteration of Zombies is in a “non-Treyarch CoD,” so won’t be the traditional mode.

The possibilities the MW3 open world gives to Zombies might be what players are looking for in this new iteration, and “big new missions” along with the Easter eggs will be “fun and worthwhile.”

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