MW3 Zombies Dark Aether explained: How to enter Rifts & get Elder Sigil

Liam Mackay
MW3 Zombies players at Dark Aether RiftActivision

MW3 Zombies introduced the brand-new Dark Aether Rifts with Season 1, so here’s everything you need to know about the new Zombies activity, including how to enter the Dark Aether and get Sigils and Elder Sigils.

MW3 Season 1 is fully underway giving players a brand-new Warzone map and tons of new offerings for multiplayer. However, plenty of content has also arrived for Zombies fans to enjoy.

With this massive update, MW3 Zombies gets a brand-new Story Act, the V-R11 Wonder Weapon, new schematics, the Warlord Dokkaebi, and “deadly but lucrative” Dark Aether Rifts.

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So, here’s a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Dark Aether Rifts in MW3 Zombies, including how to get Sigils and Elder Sigils as well as how to complete the new Act 4 Story Mission.

How to complete MW3 Zombies Bad Signal Act 4 Story Mission

MW3 Zombies players in Season 1Activision
Dark Aether Rifts grants players the opportunity to enter the Dark Aether.

If you’re looking to enter the Dark Aether freely, you’ll need to complete the MW3 Zombies Season 1 Act 4 Mission first, so here’s a guide on how to do it. Firstly, be sure to be fully equipped, as the mission will take place inside a Tier 2 Threat Zone.

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  1. Go to the Bad Signal Exfil spot on the map (be sure the name of the Exfil is Bad Signal and not Extraction) and interact with the Anomaly Rift.
  2. Once inside, you’ll have to head to the Seals marked on the map, activate each of the four available, and kill Zombies around them.
  3. When completed, you’ll be tasked to leave the Dark Aether through a portal.
  4. Once you get to the portal, a Gorm’gant will appear destroying the Dark Aether portal.
  5. To kill the Gorm’gant, you will need to kit its weak points where the purple crystals appear or in its mouth – be sure to keep your distance and avoid being insta-killed.
  6. When killed, the Gorm’gant will leave a useful Artifact which will be used to freely enter the Dark Aether – also, you can now successfully Exfil.

How to enter Dark Aether in MW3 Zombies

After completing the Season 1 Act 4 Story Mission, to enter the Dark Aether you’ll need to find four Legendary Dark Aether Artifacts. Here’s how to get all of them in MW3 Zombies.

How to get MW3 Zombies Legendary Dark Aether Artifacts

Each Legendary Dark Aether Artifact will require a specific task to be completed, here’s every Dark Aether Artifact available and how to get it.

IconDark Aether ArtifactHow to get it
Locked Diary MW3 ZombiesLocked DiaryFound within the Reward Rift following the defeat of the Gorm’gant upon completing the Act 4 Mission.
Surveillance Camera MW3 ZombiesSurveillance Camera– Kill a Harvester Orb using a gun equipped with the Dead Wire mod.
– Enter the Aether Rift with it, fly to the gold rift in the sky, and complete the purple Bounty Contract.
Pill Bottle MW3 ZombiesPill Bottle– Head to an Aether Nest and shoot a Cyst while using a gun equipped with Brain Rot mod until it turns green and interact with it.
– Complete the Aether Nest and return to the Cyst you interacted with to pick the bottle.
– Enter the Aether Rift with it, fly to the green rift in the sky, and complete the green Bounty Contract.
Dog Collar MW3 ZombiesDog Collar– Get or equip Molotov and Flesh Chuck of meat. Found a Dog House and placed both items inside.
– Grab it and enter an Aether Rift with it, fly to the red rift in the sky, and complete the blue Bounty Contract

Once you’ve completed and earned all four Dark Aether Artifacts, head to the Dark Aether Rift Island (in front of the Story Mission Exfil). You’ll find four pedestals, each one connected to a specific Dark Aether Artifact.

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Here are all the Pedestal locations for each Dark Aether Artifact.

IconDark Aether ArtifactPedestal
Locked Diary MW3 ZombiesLocked DiaryPedestal with Cryofreeze Ammo mod logo
Surveillance Camera MW3 ZombiesSurveillance CameraPedestal with Dead Wire Ammo mod logo
Pill Bottle MW3 ZombiesPill BottlePedestal with Brain Rot Ammo mod logo
Dog Collar MW3 ZombiesDog CollarPedestal with Napalm Burst Ammo mod logo

How to enter Dark Aether Rifts in MW3 Zombies

To enter the Dark Aether Rifts in MW3 Zombies, you will have to kill the Mega Abomination that will spawn from the Dark Aether Rift upon placing all four Dark Aether Artifacts in the pedestals. Once you kill the Mega Aboination, a Sigil will be available within the Reward Rift.

Keep in mind that you can Exil with the Sigil and use it in a future match, or place it in the Dark Aether Rift and use it in the current match you playing.

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Also, by completing the Dark Aether Artifact quest, you’ll now have permanent access to use Dark Aether Rifts in MW3 Zombies – the only item required to use them will be Sigils as these are a one-time use.

How to get Elder Sigil in MW3 Zombies

Dark Aether Rift Elder Sigil MW3 ZombiesActivision/YouTube: MysteryHQ
Once an MW3 Zombies Elder Sigil is placed in a Dark Aether Rift it will turn red.

To get Elder Sigils in MW3 Zombies, you must enter the Dark Aether and complete three Dark Aether Challenges, which are scattered across the entire Uzrikstan map.

Elder Sigils grant access to the Dark Aether. However, unlike regular Sigils, they need to be positioned at the portal’s opposite end, at the F6 location of the map. Upon entering, expect more challenging enemies and a 15-minute window to navigate and accomplish your objectives.

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Keep in mind that completing the required task won’t guarantee receiving an Elder Sigil in the Reward Rifts, as these Sigils are rare drops.

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