JGOD claims MW3 Zombies has “huge issues” but it’s not all bad news

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 gameplay with jgod

Popular Call of Duty content creator JGOD has shared his thoughts on MW3 Zombies, revealing the mode’s positive attributes as well as its “huge issues” that could hold it back.

Modern Warfare 3 brings a brand-new Zombies experience for Call of Duty fans, which is a first for the MW universe.

While multiplayer is generally the main mode players look forward to, with the campaign being offered early, Zombies is also up there when it comes to popularity. Call of Duty Zombies has a huge community, but the mode has gone through a lot of change since its round-based beginnings.

In MW3, the mode follows a similar format to Outbreak from Black Ops Cold War, but with some differences. The open-world Zombies experience in MW3 will offer a completely new experience, and so popular content creator JGOD, who was lucky enough to play the mode early, has provided insight.

JGOD has broken down the pros and cons of the mode, highlighting some of the things it does well that could make it “amazing,” while also sharing some of its “huge issues,” so let’s get into it.

JGOD shares MW3 Zombies pros & cons

JGOD’s “huge issues” with MW3 Zombies

In JGOD‘s November 8 YouTube video, the content creator first shared what he believes are MW3 Zombies’ main issues.

JGOD mentioned the lack of the round-based format that’s loved by so many could be a huge issue for MW3 Zombies. The veteran Zombies community and niche players who like the challenge of reaching extremely high rounds may not enjoy the experience without rounds. This is further compounded by the one-hour time limit on MW3 Zombies as well, as players will need to load into another match if they wish to continue their progress.

Another major issue JGOD highlighted is the fact that there will be no mainline Easter egg at launch. Easter eggs are a major element when it comes to Zombies, as the community loves searching the map for clues and progressing a piece of the story through in-game activities.

mw3 zombies monkey bomb
Zombies is finally added to the Modern Warfare universe.

While JGOD does state that a mainline Easter egg will come at some point, possibly even Season 1 of MW3, the fact that it is not there at the start will definitely deter players.

JGOD also highlights the fact that MW3 Zombies is only trios, whereas usually, Zombies allows a squad of up to four members. This will no doubt upset those who like to play in squads of four, especially players who are fans of Black Ops Zombies.

Further, MW3 Zombies features PvP, so JGOD makes the point that solo Zombies players may not enjoy the experience as much, as there will be 8 teams on the map at once.

JGOD’s pros for MW3 Zombies

Despite these cons, JGOD does find that MW3 Zombies has the potential to be “amazing,” sharing some of the mode’s positive aspects. First off, those who enjoyed DMZ and Outbreak will feel right at home with MW3 Zombies, as the mode is essentially a mix of the two.

The content creator also mentions the weapon camos in Zombies, which JGOD and many others in the community seem to like the look of.

A more obvious pro is that MW3 Zombies offers players another avenue to level up weapons and rank up. This is great for those who are sick of multiplayer or Warzone and want to enjoy a more PvE-focused experience.

MW3 Zombies Juggernog machine
The legendary Jugger-Nog Soda machine returns for MW3 Zombies.

JGDO also mentions how “new-player-friendly” MW3 Zombies is thanks to the different threat zones, which offer different intensities. This gives players the chance to play how they want, allowing new players to ease into the Zombies experience. There’s also no skill-based matchmaking, adding to the new-player-friendly nature of the mode.

Lastly, the Call of Duty content creator and Warzone stats expert also claims that MW3 Zombies is a great opportunity for players to get familiar with the new battle royale map, Urzikstan. Zombies gives players a month to explore the new Urzikstan map before it lands in Warzone.

We’ll have to wait and see what the community thinks of Modern Warfare 3’s unique take on Zombies once the game officially launches on November 10, but clearly, JGOD feels there are both pros and cons after playing it early.

For now, make sure you check out your region’s MW3 launch time so you’re ready to drop straight in.

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