Is Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox One & PS4?

Max Candelarezi
PS4 and Xbox One Modern Warfare 3 Captain Price

Modern Warfare 3 is the brand new Call of Duty title for 2023, but will it be launching on last-gen consoles? If you’re wondering if MW3 is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, here’s what you need to know.

Modern Warfare 3 will be officially releasing on November 10, but some players are already enjoying the full story of the campaign in early access before multiplayer and Zombies become available.

MW3 includes remasters of all 16 of MW2 2009’s launch maps with improved visuals and lighting, in addition to the campaign’s Open Combat missions and open-world Zombies experience. Many are now wondering if Modern Warfare 3 is supported on last-gen consoles with the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S being out since 2020.

Here’s everything you need to know about whether Modern Warfare 3 is available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 or not.

Is Modern Warfare 3 on PS4 & Xbox One?

Modern Warfare 3 is available on both the Xbox One and PS4. Last-gen players can experience the early access and pre-orders are live across the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PS5.

While there isn’t any difference between the two editions in terms of content, there is a big gap in visuals and performance.

Modern Warfare 3 texture comparison between PS4 and PS5

The Xbox Series X|S and PS5 offers faster loading times, better texture quality, reflections, and a higher and more stable frame rate. While the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 offer 120 Hz mode, the last-gen consoles are capped at 60, likely dropping well below that on bigger maps like Urizkstan and when there’s a lot going on.

There’s no disputing that current-gen consoles and high-end PCs will offer the best Modern Warfare 3 experience, but you’ll still be able to load up and play even if you have a last-gen console.

The next Call of Duty game after MW3 will be Treyarch’s next Black Ops game in 2024, so we’ll have to wait and see whether it will also be available for the last-gen consoles.

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