Five forgotten Warzone features that deserve a second chance

Max Candelarezi
Rambo Combat Bow and Caldera Fighter Planes Warzone.

Throughout Warzone’s history, there have been a ton of forgotten features, either due to their limited availability or failed functionality. However, some of them should be given a second chance at life in the Call of Duty battle royale.

Warzone has introduced many different features since it debuted back in 2020, modifying the battle royale’s gameplay by granting players powerful abilities and introducing alternative tools to survive and be the last player standing.

Each iteration of Warzone has removed and introduced new ones, which led to many popular features being forgotten. However, with Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update bringing back some fan-favorite aspects like Foresight, the Specialist Perk, and Bunkers, here are five features I think should return to Warzone.

5. Sprays & emotes

Although sprays and emotes don’t noticeably impact gameplay (with a few exceptions), these Warzone features were available in the original iteration of Warzone in 2020 and even appeared in Black Ops 4’s Blackout.

While most were purely cosmetic, some sprays and emotes had a direct impact on gameplay. Veteran players will remember the popular enemy-looking spray that would confuse other players into thinking they were being watched.

My favorite spray was the red heart that marked enemies and made them stand out in the Gulag. The emotes also deserve an honorable mention, allowing you to communicate (sometimes in a toxic way) to downed enemies in the game.

Warzone sprays emotes in-game menu
Emotes and sprays allowed an extra opportunity for players to customize their cosmetic content.

4. Revive Pistol

For many players, Warzone 2 won’t be remembered as the best version of the game, but some of its features deserve praise, such as the Revive Pistol.

This feature excelled in Battle Royale modes given the emphasis on survival, allowing you to revive downed teammates or yourself. Additionally, if you managed to shoot an enemy in certain critical locations, you could damage them as well.

Of all the things Warzone 2 introduced and changed, the Revive Pistol is undoubtedly one of my favorites, as something that could help BR players alter the outcome of a play or match.

Warzone Revive Pistol
The Revive Pistol was amazing for tense moments where recovering a teammate was essential.

3. Nearby Squad Invites

It may seem strange, but another Warzone 2 feature has made its way onto this forgotten features list. It’s hard to understand why Squad Invites were removed from the game.

Originally introduced in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, this feature was accessible through the menu allowing you to invite nearby players into your squad. This proved useful on several occasions, especially when entering the game alone in bigger squad-size modes.

The feature grants players the opportunity to team up and meet other Warzone players. Without this opportunity, they’d likely have no shot at victory in a game versus full Quads or Trios squads.

Warzone squad invite menu
Inviting nearby solo players allowed them to continue enjoying the game with a squad.

2. Combat Bow

Warzone’s Combat Bow from Black Ops Cold War’s 80s Action Heroes event was one of the most overpowered features introduced. Also included in Treyarch‘s BOCW multiplayer, this Killstreak effortlessly allowed for the destruction of vehicles and the swift dispatching of enemies.

Although it required great precision to achieve maximum effectiveness, using it was incredibly fun, enabling action movie-like plays. It would be great to see the Combat Bow reintroduced in a limited-time Warzone mode, ensuring a balanced experience this time around.

Warzone Black Ops Cold War Combat Bow
The Combat Bow featured incendiary arrows which set enemies and vehicles on fire.

1. Fighter Planes

Fighter Planes became a new feature in Warzone thanks to Vanguard’s integration. Located across specific POIs on the Caldera map, this vehicle introduced a brand-new dynamic aerial presence to Warzone. It was an agile form of transportation and was also great for taking down enemies.

Drawing similarities with Call of Duty: WWII’s Dogfight game mode, the Fighter Planes in Warzone Caldera greatly reduced the time wasted wandering around the map. If the CoD 2024 rumors turn out to be true, the potential Gulf War setting could be a great chance to bring this feature back to Warzone.

Warzone Pacific fighter planes

With many forgotten features being brought back into the game long after their removal, there’s still a chance of seeing some of these return down the line. The game’s next iteration along with CoD 2024‘s release is the perfect opportunity to revive forgotten Warzone features.