Warzone players can’t believe hated feature wasn’t removed in Season 2

Joseph Pascoulis
graves in warzone intro cutscene

Warzone Season 2 introduced a variety of new content to the battle royale, but players are getting fed up with an aspect of the game that hasn’t changed since Urzikstan launched.

Warzone is in its second season under MW3, and as well as bringing various buffs, nerfs, and fixes to the game, players have also been gifted a new Battle Pass filled with cosmetics and even a new SMG.

Despite all the new content for players to enjoy, and the return of Fortune’s Keep, some people in the Warzone community are sick of one of the features that is yet to see a change since launch.

Over on Reddit, user ‘CreaytoR’ highlighted the intro cutscene that players have to sit through at the start of each match. The cutscene shows Graves, a character from the campaign, giving you orders, but the OP, along with others in the comments, want the devs to “get rid of this man.”

The OP explained further, as they said, “Can’t believe they didn’t remove this intro or at least change it with season 2…I’m getting tired of getting told to wash my a**.”

The Warzone cutscene has been left untouched in Season 2, and it actually hasn’t changed since Warzone’s relaunch with the MW3 integration.

“This s**t got old after day 1 lmfao,” said one user, while another commented, “Seriously!! It’s so damn pointless lol.” Some even find the cutscene “cringe,” while another suggested that the devs could have “made a handful of these (cutscenes) and put it on rotation.”

One player pointed out that there’s a “slightly different one for plunder,” however, they also find it “just as annoying.”

There’s not much love for the intro cutscene in Warzone, and with Season 2 Reloaded being the next big update, players may have to continue listening to Graves before each match for some time to come.

Perhaps the devs will make a change to the cutscene or offer an option to “turn it off” as one comment suggested. Until then, you’ll be dropping into battle royale and Resurgence after watching good ol’ Graves give you the rundown.

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