Warzone players demand updates to “ignored” fan-favorite mode

Nathan Warby
Warzone players on Plunder

Warzone features a number of different playlists to choose from, but players are worried that a fan-favorite mode is being “ignored” by the devs and are calling for more significant updates.

Warzone has only grown in scale since it first launched and in Season 2 Reloaded, there are more ways to play than ever before. While the main battle royale mode on Urzikstan remains the go-to, there’s also Resurgence on Vondel, Ahsika Island, and Fortune’s Keep, and even Ranked Play for a more competitive experience.

Then, there are other playlists that come and go with weekly updates, some of which have their own dedicated player base. One of these is Plunder, a more casual mode where respawns are enabled and players can level up guns much faster.

But despite being extremely popular among the Warzone community, many players feel that it isn’t shown enough love by the devs.

Reddit user ‘Lma-0Zedong’ shared a post titled “It would be amazing if they develop Plunder a bit more.” In it, they mentioned that it’s a “core game mode but hasn’t received major updates since its release,” and suggested a few ways it could be improved.

They pointed out a number of bugs that are yet to be fixed, such as the respawn timer not matching the actual time it takes before you redeploy, and argued that some adjustments to the costs of key items and extra cash rewards for Finishing Moves would improve the mode.

Plenty of other Warzone players responded, agreeing with the OP and calling on the devs to give Plunder more attention going forward, while still keeping the more casual vibe that they love.

“They just need to throw some rewards on it to make people care a little more. Nothing too serious but camos always make people care,” said one reply, before another added: “Even just a 15-minute rotating map like they do sometimes for resurgence would be great. It’s a fun mode, nice break from normal BR, just gets a bit repetitive.”

However, there were those who felt that Plunder should be left untouched, out of fear that updating it too much would cause it to lose some of its charm.

“Leave plunder alone, it’s chill and that’s how I want it to stay,” said one player, as another agreed: “It’s for the best that Plunder is being ignored. They routinely rotate it out of the playlist at the moment, which sucks, but any ‘improvements’ will 100% ruin the game mode entirely.”

Only time will tell if the devs put more resources into Plunder with the Season 3 update. But given that is often swapped out in favor of Lockdown, it likely won’t be a priority for them compared to more permanent modes.