Can you play Warzone Mobile on PC?

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone mobile character reloading weapon

Wondering how to play Warzone Mobile on PC? Here’s everything you need to know about playing the mobile game on your rig.

Warzone Mobile brings the joys of Call of Duty battle royale to handheld devices, allowing players to hop into matches on their iPhone and Android mobiles and experience Verdansk yet again.

Mobile gaming has an absolutely massive community, but not all players will use touch controls. Some prefer to connect a controller, while others even play mobile games on their PC using emulators.

So, with that said, you may be wondering if you can play Warzone Mobile on PC, so here’s your answer.

Can Warzone Mobile be played on PC?

Warzone Mobile can be played on a PC using an emulator. The game isn’t officially available on PC, as it’s a mobile game, but you can get and play Warzone Mobile on PC using emulators such as GameLoop.

These software emulate mobile games so that they can be played on PC, essentially tricking the game into thinking you are on a phone. This allows PC players to dive back into Verdansk once again.

Warzone Mobile Operators
Warzone Mobile brings the battle royale to your phone.

How to play Warzone Mobile on PC

To play Warzone Mobile on PC, download an emulator such as GameLoop, search for the game on the application, and begin the installation. If you want a complete step-by-step breakdown, here’s how to play Warzone Mobile on PC:

  1. Download an emulator such as GameLoop or any other trusted emulator software onto your PC.
  2. Open the emulator.
  3. Search for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile in the emulator app.
  4. Once you find Warzone Mobile, install the game through the emulator.
  5. Open Warzone Mobile through the emulator and enjoy the game.

Playing Warzone Mobile on PC through an emulator means that you can use your mouse and keyboard to play, giving you a pretty big advantage over those on touch controls. Warzone Mobile also features cross-progression, so you can level up and continue progressing your account across the mobile, PC, and console versions.

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