How to play Warzone Mobile with controller

Aakash Regmi
Xbox controller and mobile device

Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone Mobile’s controller support, including how to use them, as well as all compatible controllers. 

While Warzone Mobile brought the hit battle royale and multiplayer to mobile devices, most fans of the series are used to playing with a controller rather than a touch screen.

Warzone Mobile has full-fledged controller support, so if you’re wondering about the specifics, here’s all you need to know to play WZM with a controller.

Warzone Mobile controller support explained: Compatible controllers

Warzone Mobile has full controller support and you can use all popular controllers. This includes but is not limited to the following controllers:

  • PlayStation 5 DualSense & PlayStation 4 DualShock
  • Xbox Wireless & Xbox Elite Controllers
  • Backbone One

Activision notes that as long as the controller supports Bluetooth connection technology, you should be able to play Warzone Mobile with it. The controller support was available since launch, and it was one of the most talked-about features leading into release.

Using a controller makes the game feel less cluttered, and many who’re not used to playing with touch controls will find their fingers obstructing the screen often. Plus, controllers provide better feedback on general movement, aiming, and overall gameplay experience, making them a preferred method over touch for many, especially long-time CoD and FPS players.

If you want to dig deeper into the settings, check out our best controller setting for Warzone Mobile.

How to use controller in Warzone Mobile

Connecting your controller to Warzone Mobile on your portable device is as simple as pairing via Bluetooth. However, if you’d like more details, you can check out how to connect specific controllers to Warzone Mobile down below.

How to play Warzone Mobile with Xbox controller

  1. Enable pairing on your Xbox controller by holding down the pair button on the top of the controller for three seconds.
  2. Head to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile and make sure Bluetooth is activated.
  3. Locate “Xbox Wireless Controller” on your mobile’s Bluetooth settings and connect.
  4. Open Warzone Mobile on your phone and press a button on the controller once at the main menu.
  5. A message that says “Controller Connected” should appear, meaning you’re good to go and enjoy Warzone Mobile with your Xbox controller.

How to play Warzone Mobile with PlayStation controller

Here’s how to connect PlayStation controllers to Warzone Mobile. This method works for both the DualShock and DualSense.

  1. Enable pairing on the controller by holding the create/share button and PS Logo button.
  2. Once the light bar blinks, turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  3. In your mobile’s Bluetooth settings, search for new devices.
  4. You should find either “DualSense” or “DualShock” Wireless controller in the new device setting, so long as you have not connected the controller before.
  5. Connect to the controller and load up Warzone Mobile.
  6. On the home screen, press a button on your controller and a “Controller Connected” message should appear.

How to play Warzone Mobile with Backbone controller

  1. Download the Backbone app on your mobile device.
  2. Connect your Backbone controller to your mobile device.
  3. Follow the set-up on the Backbone app.
  4. Once that’s done, load up Warzone Mobile and you’re good to go!

That’s everything you need to know about how to play Warzone Mobile with a controller. For more on Warzone Mobile content, check out: 

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