Black Ops 6’s movement overhaul will create “insane” skill gap

Joseph Pascoulis
adler holding onto arm in black ops 6

Black Ops 6 is set to revolutionize movement in Call of Duty with the new omnidirectional mechanics. This has left CoD players ecstatic, especially after they heard it will also be integrated into Warzone.

Black Ops 6 is going all out on movement, as the June 9 reveal showcased the new omnidirectional movement feature, which allows players to sprint in any direction and “move like a true Black Ops action hero.”

This is the first time we have seen this in a Call of Duty game, so it does feel truly innovative, and players on social media are full of excitement.

In the comments of Charlie Intel’s tweet regarding omnidirectional movement, players are excited about how it will impact Black Ops 6‘s skill gap: “The skill gap in this game is gonna be INSANE! I’m here for it.” Another comment read, “Unbelievable skill gap. I needed this.”

Many Call of Duty players desire a larger skill gap. While MW3 attempted to do so by bringing back movement techniques such as slide canceling, Black Ops 6’s omnidirectional feature is more of an overhaul to Call of Duty’s movement that the Treyarch devs believe “there’s no going back” from once players experience it.

After getting to play Black Ops 6 early, popular YouTuber JGOD said it’s the “fastest pace we’ve gotten without jetpacks,” so perhaps the omnidirectional movement can be seen as a sort of compromise.

Omnidirectional movement was also confirmed for Warzone, which boosted the skill-gap hype even further. Under Charlie Intel’s post on omnimovement in Warzone, one user said, “super hyped! Warzone is gonna be so sick.”

Movement is already a huge aspect of Warzone so the new Black Ops 6 omnidirectional feature will likely increase that skill gap further, as players will be able to dive, slide, and sprint in all directions and chain those movements together smoothly across battle royale maps.

Ultimately, we won’t know just how much omnidirectional movement will impact the skill gap in Call of Duty, as players will have to get hands-on first. Speaking of which, check out our guides on how to play the Black Ops 6 beta and the pre-order editions, as well as all the details on the CoD Next event.