Black Ops 6’s clear BO3 influence is exactly what CoD needs

Joseph Pascoulis
black ops 6 masked operator holding smg

The Black Ops 6 reveal showed just how much Black Ops 3 is influencing the design of the new Call of Duty title, which is set to make the game a huge success.

Black Ops 6‘s reveal gave players a preview of what to expect for Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game. There’s a strong emphasis on returning to Call of Duty’s roots, with the devs bringing back beloved mechanics such as the classic Prestige system.

That’s not all though, as it seems BO6 is distancing itself away from Cold War and the Modern Warfare series, despite being on the same engine, as the devs are looking at classic Black Ops titles for inspiration.

Specifically, Black Ops 3 is a major influence on Black Ops 6’s design, and as a massive fan of BO3, it’s exactly what I want to see. During the showcase for BO6, fans noticed a subtle hint from the devs that they have been listening to feedback, as well as looking at Black Ops 3 for inspiration.

During the BO6 reveal interview shot of Kevin Drew, Associate Director at Treyarch, two books can be seen under a jar of Gobblegums.

First off, Gobblegums were last seen in Black Ops 3 Zombies, but they’re returning in Black Ops 6 along with round-based Zombies. Even more intriguingly, fans spotted the official Black Ops 3 guide underneath Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen’s book titled “Thanks for the Feedback.”

This is not just a hint that Treyarch are listening to player feedback for Zombies, but to me, it seems like the devs are showing they understand how much we loved Black Ops 3 multiplayer too. This is backed up by the confirmation that BO6’s multiplayer will feature the winner’s circle and celebratory emotes from BO3.

On top of that, the new omnidirectional movement seems like a sort of compromise to bring back the fast-paced gameplay that was last seen in jet pack Call of Dutys such as BO3, which is widely considered the best to do it.

So, BO3’s influence on BO6 will go deeper than just Zombies, as classic Treyarch features such as traditional scorestreaks, three-lane maps, and the loadout system with Wildcards are also returning, as well as an iconic map that many will be familiar with.

This will make BO6 a massive hit with fans, as Black Ops 3 is one of the most beloved Call of Duty titles, and a personal favorite of mine as a fan of the skillful movement.