MW3 players claim Meat “outshines” Shipment as best small map in Season 1

Nathan Warby
MW3 players on Meat

Shipment has always been the king of small and chaotic maps in Call of Duty, but Modern Warfare 3 players think that Meat, added in Season 1, has the edge over the classic arena.

The Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 update is here, bringing plenty of content to multiplayer. The new Vortex game mode allows players to use the Ray Gun away from Zombies for the first time, while new guns like the RAM-7 and XRK Stalker have shaken up the meta.

One of the biggest additions was the new 6v6 maps, Greece and Meat. While the former is an average-sized CoD map that has been well-received, the latter is the latest in a long line of small, frantic maps, drawing plenty of comparisons with the likes of Shipment and Shoothouse.

While Meat has only been live in Modern Warfare 3 for a short time, some players are already convinced it’s better than these iconic close-quarters maps.

Reddit user ‘Professional_Ad123’ asked, “Is Meat better than Shoothouse?” before going on to explain why they think this is the case.

“I love Shoothouse too but maybe after a few Cods it has just stagnated a little bit,” said the OP. “We don’t really come across many addictive maps that stick nowadays, so I’ve found the adding of Meat to be a welcome change.”

Shoothouse is a popular map that has appeared in multiple titles, but some replies took things a step further can claimed that Meat is actually better than Shipment, one of the most iconic CoD maps of all time.

“I am not gonna cap, it is bordering shipment territory in just how addicting it is just to get in and f**k around,” said one player, before another added: “Meat is a relatively wild design just big enough to allow for some actual creativity and playfulness, making it outshine Shipment in my eyes.”

Some users felt that Meat could even become one of the few Call of Duty maps that returns in multiple titles due to popular demand.

“Meat has the potential to be one of those maps we see come back again and again,” said one fan. “It’s like a lovechild of Shoothouse and Shipment,” replied another.

Only time will tell if MW3’s Meat goes on to rival Shipment as an all-time favorite CoD map, but players certainly seem to be loving its chaotic matches so far.

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