How to carry more items in MW3 Zombies

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Each trip to Urzikstan in MW3 Zombies will need an empty slot in your inventory to carry all the items you and your team will loot. With not a lot of slots to fill at first, here’s how to carry more items and exfil with better rewards in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

MW3 zombies is the new mode in the MW Universe that features Zombies and DMZ-like features. The extraction-based mode puts players in the quest to enter the different Urzikstan Threat Zones and complete contracts, loot items, and kill enemies.

Every piece looted nets either money to use later in Buying Station, perks for your Operator, new weapons, and more. But the problem is when all that loot doesn’t fit in your small Rucksack, which can hold only five items at first.

To gather more loot, you’ll need a bigger bag, and here’s how to carry more items in MW3 Zombies.

Buying station items in MW3 Zombies
You can buy a bigger Rucksack in MW3 Zombies using the Buying Stations.

MW3 Zombies: How to get a bigger Rucksack and carry more items

MW3 Zombies has only one way of carrying more items, and that’s obtaining a bigger Rucksack with more item slots. These bigger bags can be found all around Urzikstan, either as contract rewards, inside Reward Rifts, or Loot Caches.

Players can stumble upon the Medium Rucksack, which can hold seven items in its slots, or the Large Rucksack, which has nine slots. This last one is the biggest and most valuable option to loot many items inside MW3 Zombies and exfil with all your precious rewards.

Having more space in your inventory means more Schematics, new Weapons, Perk-a-Colas, and even Aetherium Crystals. All your loot from all the Zombie-fighting fits right into your bag, so adventure away and get the biggest one to exfil with the best items out there.

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