Modern Warfare 3 to bring MW2 2022 maps with new seasons

MW3 players in Farm 18 MW2 mapActivision

Call of Duty confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 is set to bring MW2 2022 maps with new seasons, including some fan-favorite ones.

Modern Warfare 3‘s release is on the horizon promising an array of exciting content and enhancements. These include a complete multiplayer mode with beloved fan-favorite features, significant movement changes like the return of the slide cancel, a fresh arsenal of weapons, and other exciting additions.

In addition, Call of Duty announced the Carry Forward feature which will allow a lot of content from MW2 2022 to carry over to Modern Warfare 3. Among the content, including Operators, weapons, and more, maps play a crucial role. SHG has confirmed that MW3 will feature all 16 maps from MW2’s 2009 at launch, along with six more post-launch multiplayer maps.

Luckily for multiplayer fans, Call of Duty confirmed that “a number of fan-favorite” MW2 multiplayer maps will carry over to Modern Warfare 3 throughout seasonal updates.

In addition, they revealed the initial selection of maps that will become available in MW3, including core 6v6 maps Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, and Shoot House. These maps will go live shortly after launch in a dedicated playlist.

As shared in the blog, the MW2 maps will be “graphically identical to how they appeared in MWII,” and given the movement and gameplay mechanics innovations and changes in MW3, players can “find that they play in an altogether different manner.”

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Luckily, MW2 maps carrying over won’t replace the new and remastered maps slated to arrive throughout Modern Warfare 3’s season, giving players a wide variety of locations to enjoy multiplayer. However, the CoD team revealed that new MW3 modes, such as Cutthroat, won’t be playable on MW2’s maps.

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