JGOD reveals everything that needs to change in Warzone 2 Season 2 after delay

Nathan Warby
JGOD with Warzone 2 logo

Following the news that Warzone 2 Season 2 will be delayed by a couple of weeks to focus on gameplay adjustments, CoD expert JGOD has outlined everything he thinks needs changing in the major update.

Warzone 2 got off to a promising start when it first launched, with millions of players hopping in to see what Al Mazrah had in store. However, despite regular updates in the months since, the community has become increasingly frustrated with a number of gameplay decisions, such as the lower TTK and Backpack looting system.

Developer Infinity Ward have now announced that Warzone 2 Season 2 will be delayed so they can address some of the issues players have raised, with changes to the Gulag and looting confirmed already.

Following the announcement, Warzone guru JGOD has revealed everything he thinks needs to change in Season 2 in order to get the battle royale back on track. He tweeted a list of fixes he expects, or hopes, to see in the update, which we’ve listed below:

  • “+50 to HP.
  • 3 Plates Default.
  • Inventory Caps for Streaks/Self Revives.
  • Buy Stations Streak Cap Removed.
  • Sprint while Plating.
  • Significant Reduction to AI and Lethality.”

Later, he uploaded a YouTube video for a more in-depth discussion on why these changes are so important, starting with increasing health or nerfing weapons to lower the TTK.

“A health change could be interesting. I don’t think that has to happen, obviously you gotta nerf the weapons at the top, which is like the RPK [and] the Fennec,” JGOD explained. “I think [with] a lot of the close TTKs it’s like you instantly get deleted.”

He also mentioned that a three-plate default would help solve the TTK problem, as some players are currently entering fights with 50 health less than their opponents. Then, he called for inventory caps on key items like Self Revies and Killstreaks to prevent spamming and allow the devs to remove caps from Buy Stations.

JGOD went on to mention plating while sprinting, which has been a major gripe among the community since Warzone 2 launched.

“Obviously they wanted it to be a design decision that [if] you’re choosing to plate you’re making a tactical decision.” He continued, “The reality is they want you to be at a disadvantage while plating, but you’re already at a disadvantage because you don’t have plates!”

Lastly, he called for nerfs to the difficulty of the AI found in Strongholds, claiming it’s “too much for a battle royale.” He felt that making this small tweak would make grinding Strongholds for loot and cash a less “miserable” experience.

Infinity Ward are set to share a deeper dive of all the changes coming in Warzone 2 Season closer to its February 15 release. We’ll have to wait and see how many of JGOD’s wishes make the cut.

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Image credit: JGOD

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