All Warzone Season 2 Perk changes: Irradiated & Shrouded buff, Flex adjustment, more

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Warzone Season 2 has brought a wide variety of content and improvements with the intention of enhancing the game’s experience. Among them, the devs have included several modifications to Perks, so here are all the Perk changes in Warzone Season 2.

Season 2 has finally made its way into Warzone, bringing a ton of content, including the long-awaited return of Fortune’s Keep, major quality-of-life improvements, and new weapons such as the RAM-9 and BP50.

Additionally, the new update has introduced changes and fixes to the Perks. These changes are expected to impact the meta selections that players have been utilizing since the game integrated with MW3.

Every Warzone Season 2 Perk change

In addition to now being able to stow the equipped Perk Pack in Warzone Season 2, Raven Software have assembled changes to several Perks in the game to adjust or improve the in-game performance. This includes updated descriptions, spacing, and fixes to several issues.

Here are all the Perk changes introduced in Warzone Season 2.

  • Several perk descriptions have been updated for clarity.
  • The spacing of perks located on the HUD has been increased for more separation between them and the tac stance indicator. 

  • Flex Perk
    • Revised audio levels while equipped.
  • Irradiated
    • Will now reduce gas damage by 20%, up from 10%.
    • Allows players to replace armor plates while in the gas.

With this change we aim to allow for an adjacent benefit while using Irradiated. Being able to plate in the gas will open rotation opportunities. To accompany the fact that plates will still degrade in the gas we increased the damage reduction slightly. This also helps to align the damage amount to be a smoother calculation for other systems. 

  • Battle Hardened
    • Will now show the “resist” icon for the killstreak owner when a player resists the Guardian.
  • Quick Fix
    • Quick fix will now correctly begin regenerating health when the player inserts an armor plate.
  • Shrouded
    • The deployed smoke grenade has a slight randomized offset so that it is not deployed directly on top of the player.

This minor change makes it slightly less predictable where the downed player is within the smoke. 

All in all, that’s every Warzone Perk change that arrived with the Season 2 update. For more on Warzone, be sure to check out our other guides:

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