JGOD delivers Ashika Island verdict after Warzone 2 Season 2 update

jgod warzone 2 ashika island

Warzone 2 Season 2 introduced a load of new content and changes to the battle royale, and JGOD has shared his verdict on it all.

Warzone 2 Season 2 is finally here, introducing content such as a new Battle Pass, new weapons, and even the return of Resurgence. The update also brought changes and improvements, such as weapon buffs, nerfs, and colored Pings.

As with all big updates, the Warzone 2 community are providing their first impressions of Season 2, and the respected opinion of Call of Duty content creator JGOD has landed.

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There’s no doubt that Ashika Island is the most exciting piece of content in Season 2, and JGOD has provided his first impressions of the new map. When talking about Ashika Island on Twitter, JGOD states that it is a “great base,” and “plays well with 52 player lobbies.”

The content creator also says that Ashika Island is “easy to navigate,” and will even improve once “Redeploy Drones” are introduced.

As for criticisms, in JGOD‘s February 15 YouTube video, he states that tweaks are needed for both looting and the way in which Loadouts drop into the map. As the Backpack looting has been removed, there are some issues with “auto looting,” as well as there not being enough Armor Plates to loot.

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The issue with Loadouts is that they drop too far away from the team on Ashika Island, causing you to “detour to nowhere near you,” causing the map to get slightly “congested.”

However, in general, JGOD seems to enjoy the map, feeling as if it “plays fairly well, the zones collapse at a decent rate.” JGOD even says that graphically Ashika Island does look “pretty good.”

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Image Credits: Activision / JGOD