JGOD claims Warzone 2 rifle kills so fast it’s “breaking” the game

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 cronen squall in firing range

Warzone 2’s Cronen Squall Battle Rifle is a popular pick for Ranked Play, and James ‘JGOD’ God explains why he believes it’s “breaking” the game.

Warzone 2 players often gravitate toward a few weapons during a season due to their power, causing a meta to form. Some of the most popular options for Season 3 Reloaded include the Lachmann Sub, ISO Hemlock, and the Cronen Squall.

The Cronen Squall is a Battle Rifle that was introduced in the Season 3 update. Players quickly realized how strong the weapon was and it’s been a popular choice ever since its release.

However, with the launch of Ranked Play in Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded, the Cronen Squall’s power has become even more apparent, and top YouTuber JGOD has broken down exactly why it’s so “broken and unique.”

In his May 23, 2023, YouTube video, JGOD breaks down the stats for the Cronen Squall, going in-depth to show how it’s “breaking Warzone 2.” Using stats found on TrueGameData, JGOD shows how versatile the Cronen Squall is when it comes to TTK.

The Cronen Squall’s time-to-kill up close when in full-auto mode is “absolutely broken” according to JGOD, as its stats are competitive against some of the top-range SMGs such as the Vaznev-9k and Lachmann Sub.

What makes the Cronen Squall even stronger, however, is the fact that it can carry these high TTKs at further ranges than the SMGs, meaning it will not penalize you as much as other SMGs.

JGOD then shows how both the semi-automatic and fully-automatic Cronen Squall also manage to have competitive TTKs at range against some of the most popular AR options in the game like the ISO Hemlock, Lachamnn 556, and Kastov 545.

When showcasing the weapon’s recoil patterns, JGOD shows how the Cronen Squall’s semi-automatic mode is perfect for long-ranged engagements, as there’s really not much recoil at all. This allows you to hit shots consistently and take down enemies efficiently at range.

Further, even the Cronen Squall’s fully-automatic recoil pattern is controllable once you understand its movement, which is up and to the left. If you can tame the recoil, it’s also great for taking enemies on and getting them down quickly at range.

That’s why JGOD believes the Cronen Squall is “so broken,” because the option for both semi and fully-automatic is great for versatility, covering close to long ranges.

So there you have it, JGOD’s in-depth looking into the Cronen Squall’s TTK and recoil shows just how strong it is in Warzone 2 Ranked Play, so if you haven’t given it a chance yet, now is certainly a good time to.

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