10 most popular weapons in Warzone 2 Season 6

Warzone 2 Operator aiming down sightActivision

Warzone 2 boasts an extensive arsenal of more than 70 weapons, each with its own unique appeal. To help you navigate this diverse selection, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most popular weapons in Warzone 2 Season 6.

Warzone 2 Season 6 is well underway, introducing a fresh array of weapons and various buffs and nerfs to the game, which ultimately broadens Warzone’s already vast selection of guns. The update introduced strong new options in the TR-76 Geist and ISO 9mm SMG, with more to come in the Reloaded update.

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Often, major updates such as Season 6 will cause a shift in the top ten most popular weapons for Warzone 2, so let’s take a look at the current standings.

The most popular guns in Warzone 2 are usually very powerful, with easy-to-control recoil that makes them user-friendly. Based on the data from WZRanked, we have assembled a list of the ten most popular weapons in Warzone 2 Season 6 as of October 2023:

10. M4 – 2.2%

M4 Assault Rifle in Warzone 2Activision
The M4 has managed to remain among the most popular weapons in Warzone 2 Season 6.

The classic M4 Assault Rifle has managed to enter the most popular picks in Warzone 2 with a 2.2% pick rate, given its low recoil and user-friendly characteristics.

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If you seek a dependable and adaptable weapon known for its accuracy and ease of handling, the M4 is the ideal choice. Its competitive advantage remains strong in Season 6, establishing it as a reliable AR suitable for engagements both at close and long range.

9. TR-76 Geist – 2.4%

TR-76 Geist in WarzoneActivision
The new TR-76 Geist is one of the most popular ARs for Warzone 2 Season 6.

This new Assault Rifle has made quite the impact in Season 6, as it stands as another strong close-to-mid-ranged Assault Rifle option thanks to its high fire rate and fairly easy-to-control recoil.

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With the right attachments, the TR-76 Geist is very strong in the BR, hence its 2.4% pick rate and a spot in the top ten most popular weapons.

8. M13B – 3.3%

M13B Assault Rifle in Warzone 2Activision
The M13B is Warzone 2’s version of the M13 from the first iteration.

Veteran Warzone players will surely recognize the M13B, as it resembles the original M13 from Warzone’s first iteration. During the original game, this gun was one of the most used Assault Rifles.

Luckily for M13 fans, the M13B is one of the most popular weapons in Warzone 2 Season 6, with a healthy pick rate of 3.3%, probably due to its smooth recoil and easy-to-use capabilities.

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7. MCPR-300 – 3.9% – Most popular Sniper in Warzone 2

MCPR 300 sniper rifle in modern warfare 2Activision
The MCPR-300 is a great semi-automatic Sniper Rifle to use in Warzone 2 Season 6.

Since explosive round snipers are not allowed in Ranked Play, Warzone players have made the switch to the reliable MCPR-300. It may not be able to kill an enemy with one shot, but its steady two-shot downs are still useful, especially when playing with a coordinated team.

The MCPR-300, with a pick rate of 3.9%, is a hard-hitting, long-range Sniper perfect for those ranged lines of sight. It can be paired with a close-range weapon like an SMG or a Shotgun for a versatile loadout that can handle any situation.

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6. ISO 45 – 4.5%

iso 45 in warzone 2Activision
Season 4’s ISO 45 remains a top BR pick in Warzone 2 Season 6.

After being the king of close-range loadouts in previous seasons, the ISO 45 has fallen a few places given the latest nerfs it received in Warzone. Even though it isn’t the most popular SMG, you’re likely to run into players using this weapon, as it still has a competitive 4.5% pick rate.

The ISO 45 has secured a spot among the most popular weapons due its great damage output for close-range gunfights and a blistering fire rate.

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5. ISO 9mm – 5.2%

ISO 9mm SMG in MW2Activision
The ISO 9mm is the latest addition to the ISO platform in Warzone 2 Season 6.

The ISO 9mm SMG is another new addition in Season 6, and it’s proving popular with a strong 5.2% pick rate. This SMG is perfect for those close-range battles, but it also performs well at medium-range too, making it a great Sniper support option.

4. Lachmann 762 – 6.9% – Most popular Battle Rifle in Warzone 2

lachman-762 in warzone 2 and modern warfare 2Activision
The Lachmann 762 is a powerful Battle Rifle in Warzone 2.

With a 6.9% pick rate, the Lachmann 762 is the most popular Battle Rifle in Season 6 of Warzone. This is mostly thanks to its high fire rate in fully automatic, and long-range dominance in single fire.

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This weapon packs a punch, especially in single fire mode, making it a versatile option for players.

3. Lockwood 300 – 11% – Most popular Shotgun in Warzone 2

Lockwood 300 in Warzone 2Activision
The Lockwood 300 is the strongest and most popular Shotgun in Warzone 2 Season 6.

As for Shotguns, the Lockwood 300 is the most popular, with an 11% pick rate. Since being buffed in the Season 6 update, players are dominating close-range fights with this weapon, as it has a ridiculous one-shot range.

It may be the strongest weapon in the game at the moment, hence its pick rate, but it may not last long as the devs will likely look to nerf this one-shot monster soon.

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lachmann sub in warzone 2Activision
The Lachmann Sub claims the second spot in Season 6.

With a 12.7% pick rate, the iconic MP5 SMG, now known as the Lachmann Sub, takes the second most popular weapon spot thanks to its reliable damage and close to mid-range performance.

The Lachmann Sub is a solid pick when it comes to powerful weapon options in Warzone 2, as it’s extremely reliable and can put enemies down in a heartbeat with a fast fire rate, easy-to-control recoil, and great mobility.

1. Kastov 762 – 29.7% – Most popular weapon in Warzone 2

Kastov 762 assault rifle in warzone 2Activision
The Kastov 762 is Modern Warfare 2’s version of the classic AK-47.

The Kastov 762 has returned to being the most popular weapon in Warzone, thanks to its hard-hitting nature that puts enemies down in seconds. Despite receiving some nerfs, players like the feel of the Kastov 762 in Season 6 of the battle royale, hence its place at the top.

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The 762 is a powerful AR that can compete in most gunfights with its high damage output and that’s why it’s managed a whopping 29.7% pick rate in Warzone 2 Season 6.

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