Infinite Gas Mask glitch gifting players easy wins in Warzone 2

Andrew Highton
cod warzone 2 operator wearing gas mask

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players are reportedly being hit by an infinite Gas Mask glitch in games of battle royale, not only that, but it’s also unlocking all sorts of content for players too.

Outside of some notable connection issues and frequent crashing, Warzone 2 has had a relatively clean launch mostly devoid of hackers and few major speed bumps to speak of.

Between DMZ and grinding for Nukes in Warzone 2, players have been busy in Al Mazrah, but a new glitch seems to be impacting the way games are being played out.

Gas Mask glitches are nothing new in the world of CoD Warzone, but this new glitch is essentially making it so that players can roam around in the gas, completely unscathed, for as long as they want.

Additionally, this glitch is also unlocking a ton of content for Warzone 2 players that they shouldn’t be receiving.

As noted by popular CoD Twitter account ModernWarzone: “There is an infinite gas mask glitch in Warzone 2 at the moment.”

The method to do this glitch is known, but we won’t share how to do it, and ModernWarzone made sure to tag the devs in the post to alert them.

One player did share a video of the glitch taking effect though and you can see the player’s Gas Mask percentage use meter steadily climbing.

As well as having an infinite Gas Mask, it’s also been reported that guns are being maxed out as a result of the glitch, as well as gifting all Calling Cards, all Operators, all Store Bundles, and Camos.

If that wasn’t enough, ModernWarzone also reports that players are allegedly getting: “Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition for free as well as a free preorder for the next 2 Call of Duty games and an internal itemized list for every future update coming to Warzone 2.”

If this is all true, this is a monumental glitch of epic proportions and one that you’d have to imagine Activison are working around the clock to try and clear up.

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Image Credit: Activision

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