Warzone hackers unlock “rocket bullets” and it’s just as game-breaking as it sounds

Nathan Warby
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Hackers are an ongoing issue in Warzone, and the latest exploit cheaters have discovered is a way to load their weapons with rocket ammo that can wipe out enemy teams in the blink of an eye.

Although Warzone‘s anti-cheat is always working to combat hackers, banning thousands of accounts in the process, cheaters always seem to find a new way to break the game. In the past, we’ve seen everything from flying vehicles to wall hacks that have given players an unfair advantage.

Now, players have reported running into hackers who are using weapons loaded with explosive rocket ammo, capable of downing them in just a handful of shots.

Reddit user ‘Fizzyji**z’ shared a clip of their experience where a rival player used a Riveter Shotgun, and every single shot exploded on impact. Not only did this quickly eliminate them, but it also filled the screen with smoke and made it virtually impossible to see.

Later in the clip, a player could also be seen using a MORS Sniper Rifle equipped with the same explosive bullets.

Although it’s not confirmed, it’s most likely that the hackers have been able to access guns from the MW3 Arcade playlist, which the devs have already said will feature weapon pickups that include “the MORS Sniper Rifle and Riveter Shotgun loaded with explosive projectile rounds.”

However, replies to the post claimed that cheaters have also been able to take the explosive ammo and use it with other Warzone weapons, including Assault Rifles with 60 Round Mags.

“I saw this for the first in a game yesterday. It took multiple hits for it to down me but it fired what looked like launcher ammo from an AR,” reported one player.

Looking around the internet, it didn’t take too long to find other videos on YouTube and TikTok of players using “rocket bullets.” That being said, we’ve only managed to find clips of the Riveter and MORS for now.

Warzone players will be hoping that the devs find a way to solve the issue so that hackers using this exploit don’t continue to ruin matches throughout the rest of Season 3 Reloaded.