Warzone 2 players call for nerfs as Stims are abused for “insane” gas wins

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 stim equipment

A Warzone 2 player managed to win a match using Stims to say alive in the gas, leading the community to feel that the equipment needs a nerf.

Warzone 2 players have a lot to worry about when trying to win a game of the battle royale, as not only do they have to keep tabs on the enemies, but they also need to watch the oncoming gas and hope they don’t get caught out.

The gas is not something you want to be in, however, the game does have items that can help you survive it. Gas Masks and Stims will help you stay alive while in the gas, but only temporarily.

That said, one player managed to pull off an “insane” win using Gas Masks and Stims while in the zone on Warzone 2, leading to a wider conversation about Stims needing a nerf, much like they were in the previous Warzone.

Warzone 2 player DeviousOSRS posted a clip of them winning a match of the battle royale by surviving in the gas with the use of Stims and Gas Masks.

While these items are just a temporary solution to gas survival, the player managed to keep looting and finding Stims and Gas Masks to keep them alive for an unbelievable amount of time, eventually getting them the win as the other players died to the gas.

This led to a lot of debate in the Warzone community, as many feel that Stims should be nerfed, including popular content creator JGOD, who stated that “more tuning to Stims while in the gas” is needed.

Other comments agree, as one said “I hate that people are winning this way,” while Devious himself replied with “yeah it shouldn’t be a thing I agree 100%.”

Some really respected the way in which the player’s teammates directed him to find the Stims, as one comment praised “the goated coms” and another said “those team coms tho!”

Despite some being impressed by the win, the majority seem to feel it is “absurd,” reminding them of the “actual stim glitch.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the devs decided to do anything about Stims and their effectiveness in the gas, as some feel it is being “heavily abused.”

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