Warzone players slam gas mask change ruining Urzikstan update: “Nobody asked for that”

Max Candelarezi
Warzone player with gas mask equipped

The new Warzone chapter arrived on December 6 bringing a lot of content and important changes to the title, however, some players are calling devs to remove a feature ruining the Urzikstan update that “nobody asked for.”

A new era for Warzone has finally arrived as the free-to-play title integrated with MW3 following the Season 1 update. Among them, the game introduces a lot of new content, the new big Urzikstan map, and several long-awaited quality-of-life changes.

Additionally, this update brings the full roster of MW3 weapons into the battle royale, allowing players to select from over 100 weapons to dominate matches.

Despite the multiple positive changes, Warzone players called out that one of the QoL changes is ruining the game experience. Through an X post, content creator IceManIsaac shared: “I LOVE this update, but every POV is tarnished by the ugly outline and hazy/scratchy effect from the gas mask.”

Then, he added: “Warzone has never had a permanent mask overlay. You’ve made your otherwise beautiful game look worse 90% of the time.” Pointing out the updated functionality of the gas mask in Warzone.

The gas mask, a controversial feature since the game‘s inception, has consistently sparked debate due to its problematic functionality. From animation glitches to an infinite bug granting match wins, the gas mask has caused chaos in Warzone.

With Season 1, Raven was set to fix these problems by allowing players to manually equip the gas mask and have it throughout the game – but there’s a catch. To do this, players will have a permanent “ugly” mask outline that may limit the visibility of the environment.

While a few players acknowledged that the final version integrated into the game appears slightly superior to the one featured in CoD Next in October, they’re still convinced additional adjustments could help enhance visibility in the game.

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