Warzone 2 players fear gas mask glitch has returned as they randomly lose games

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 gas mask

Warzone 2 players are speculating about a strange glitch that popped up in a match with many worrying that the infamous gas mask glitch has once again reared its head in the Call of Duty title.

Warzone 2 players are no strangers to bizarre glitches that pop up during matches and have a variety of odd effects on their gameplay such as giving them free Gulag wins and making them invisible after getting hit by cars.

Some of these glitches are a mild nuisance while others can end up costing players wins. Now, the Warzone 2 community is worried that the notorious gas mask glitch may have returned in Season 3 Reloaded.

Gas Mask glitches are something that CoD Warzone players have experienced before, including one in Warzone 2 that allowed players to roam around in the gas without getting hurt for as long as they wanted.

Reddit user ‘Nintendo_Pro_03’ shared a brief clip showcasing the Warzone 2 gameplay of a streamer known as ‘OP Marked,’ and it showed them being stuck in the gas while continuously being revived by their teammate.

Meanwhile, an opponent was able to survive the entire time even though the map was covered in gas. The Redditor expressed their worry that the gas mask glitch had returned in Warzone 2, and this was a sentiment shared by a few other players in the thread.

One user commented: “For context, they popped a drone and didn’t find the guy. After everyone died, the guy won and was on Zaya glass roof. Not anywhere near the safe. Definitely a gas mask glitch.”

However, not everyone was convinced that this was the result of a gas mask glitch, and many players began speculating about what could’ve caused this to happen. One theory was that the enemy player was dead but glitched in the Gulag with the game registering him as alive.

This theory was denied by a few commenters who claimed that the enemy player’s stream showed that they got fourth place on their end, and it was showing Al Mazrah, not the Gulag. One player stated: “On his stream, he got fourth in the match. But on OP Marked’s end, he was still alive. This game is a joke.”

Jailer in Warzone 2's Gulag
The gas mask glitch caused major problems in Warzone 2.

They felt that a bizarre glitch was awarding the victory to a player that was actually in fourth place. One user who was able to watch the winner’s stream stated: “The game is bugged. The supposed winner’s placement on his stream was fourth, so something happened.”

Not everybody agreed on what exactly happened, so it’s difficult to confirm which theory is correct. However, many share the sentiment that a glitch occurred and slammed Warzone 2 for being “bugged as hell.”

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