How to win Solo matches in Warzone: Season 1 tips & tricks

Liam Mackay
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Winning a game of Solos in Warzone can be a challenging task, but by using the right strategy and mindset, you can be the last man standing. So, here are some tips and tricks you can use to win as many Solo matches as you can in Season 1.

While Warzone has been accessible for more than three years, achieving Solo victory can be extremely challenging. Here, your success depends on your individual performance, as you must survive each gas zone and outlast 100 opponents with varying skill levels.

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However, there are different tips and tricks you can implement to maximize your winning potential. That’s why it is essential to have control over all the elements that rely on you.

So, here are some tips and tricks to help you win more Warzone Solo matches in Season 1.

Use Warzone meta weapons & loadouts

Although it was somewhat controversial at the beginning of the game, to win in Warzone, it is crucial to have the meta weapons and loadouts ready to go. To achieve this, you must make sure you have them all leveled up and thus be able to access the best attachments for each one.

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Keep in mind that the game’s meta will vary depending on the buffs and nerfs that Raven Software introduce during the Warzone’s life cycle through each major season update.

bas-b with warzone logoActivision
The BAS-B is one of Warzone’s most popular weapons.

Land quiet & complete contracts

To survive as long as possible, having a strategy is essential, and dropping in not-so-crowded areas to complete contracts should work perfectly.

Just select an area away from the center of Urzikstan with any Scavager or Upload Intel contracts available – preferably avoiding the Bounty, which will require a highly offensive playstyle.

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These drop sites will grant you some loot boxes, ammo, and, of course, contracts that will allow you to get prepared to progress in the match.

Take the high ground

Applicable for any battle royale game, having the high ground in Warzone is essential to collect as much information as possible. This allows you to have a broad overview of the game and becomes crucial towards the end of the match, where only the best positioned will prevail.

Although during the game you will want to avoid being inside the large buildings, do not hesitate to, when you rotate, use those that allow you to have access to a complete view of the area from above. Luckily, Urzikstan has a massive number of ziplines that will be useful to move around.

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warzone player on zipline in urzikstanActivision

Keep yourself ahead of the zone rotation

Being the last player to rotate the zones can leave you extremely exposed to other players, which is why rotating early is ideal to easily locate enemies and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Whether you choose to complete Upload Intel contracts to gain early access to the next zone’s location or vigilantly monitor the map as each new zone closes, make sure to utilize the structure’s interiors or any available cover when rotating so you don’t leave yourself vulnerable in open areas.

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Be patient when reaching the last circle

To win in Warzone, being the most patient and stealthiest player grants you a notable advantage against your enemies. When you have managed to reach the last circle, dodging an unneeded aggressive play is the first thing you keep in mind.

To do this, when only a few enemies are left, let the remaining enemies reveal their positions before you make yourself known. This will allow you to reduce 1v1 fights that could take you out of the match just before taking the win home.

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All in all, those were the best tips and tricks so you can win Solo matches in Warzone. Ensure not to depend exclusively on these, as the circumstances in each match can differ, affecting the situations in which you may find yourself.

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