New Warzone map keeps simple three-lane Gulag but with a major twist

Nathan Warby
Warzone new gulag MW3

Warzone is set to receive the new Urzikstan map after Modern Warfare 3 arrives, and fans can expect the Gulag to return. However, the devs have revealed that the new Warzone map is bringing a major twist to the feature.

Modern Warfare 3 marks the start of a new chapter for the Call of Duty series, in both multiplayer and battle royale. While multiplayer is bringing fresh features like After-Market Parts in Gunsmith, Warzone is being treated to a brand-new map.

Urzikstan replaces Al Mazrah as the main battle royale map after Modern Warfare 3 drops, featuring a host of new POIs and features for players to learn. One element sticking around after the update is the Gulag, once again giving Operators the chance to respawn after death.

However, the devs have confirmed a major change coming to the Gulag that will change how it plays.

At the CoD Next event, it was revealed that although the Gulag will keep the straightforward three-lane design that fans enjoy after MW3 arrives, there is a version of the map that takes place at night. This will require players to use Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) to earn their redeployment.

The NVG Gulag will have reduced visibility, meaning lasers will needed to land accurate shots. But this comes with the tradeoff that lasers can be seen by enemies, making it easier to pinpoint where the other player is.

Each time a player dies for the first time, there is a random chance they will be sent to the NVG version of the Gulag instead. There is no way to choose or predict which time of day it will be when it’s your turn.

While this will no doubt shake up the Gulag and make fights more varied, fans will be relieved to hear that the map itself is fairly simple and only supports 1v1s.

This isn’t the first time that the devs have experimented with the Gulag, but we’ll have to wait for Urzikstan to launch to see how the community reacts to the change.

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