Dr Disrespect left speechless after dying to snowball before Warzone’s Gulag even started

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operator with a snowball in hand

Dr Disrespect shared a clip of him being unfairly killed in the Warzone Gulag, which led to him questioning the devs once again.

Those familiar with the popular streamer Dr Disrespect will know just how much he dislikes the recent iterations of Call of Duty, and despite all the positive changes made to Warzone since MW3‘s integration, the 2x Champ is still not impressed.

After being killed in the Gulag in a pretty ridiculous fashion, the streamer feels as if the Warzone devs are “running out of ideas.”

The clip shows Dr Disrespect dying before even getting a chance to compete in the Gulag, as spectators whittled his health down by throwing snowballs at the streamer during the countdown. As soon as the timer was up, a final snowball hit and eliminated the Doc, leaving him completely speechless.

The Doc’s face after being killed in this way was of complete disbelief, as he watched the killcam of the player who managed to hit the final snowball. There was nothing Dr Disrespect could do to prevent it, as the Gulag timer keeps you locked in position, making you an easy target for those raining snowballs down at you.

It’s a pretty unfair way to lose your Gulag, so Dr Disrespect‘s frustrations are understandable. He isn’t the only one in disbelief either, as another popular streamer, cloakzy, commented under the post, “AINT NO WAY THIS IS EVEN A THING.”

Others sarcastically said, “Great game,” and “Skill issue tbh should have just dodged it.” After a long moment of silence after being killed, the Doc said, “I got snowballed to death in the Gulag,” which led to laughs and confusion from his teammates.

It’s unclear whether this is what the devs intended, but Dr Disrespect and others were clearly confused, as TimTheTatman said “What does that mean?” while laughing.

Dr Disrespect said he was “dead before it even started,” which shows just how unfair Doc felt the situation was.

Will have to wait and see if anything changes, but as we close in on Christmas, players may have to wait until the new year for the next big patch. For now, check out the surprising Warzone Rifle that’s dominating long-range.

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