Clever Apex Legends hiding spot discovered after World’s Edge map changes

Hamza Khalid
World's Edge harvester in Apex Legends

After the Apex Legends Emergence update brought some map changes to World’s Edge, a useful new hiding spot opened up that players are immediately taking advantage of.

The Emergence update has brought various changes to Apex Legends, with a record amount of people playing in Season 10. We also saw the arrival of the new Legend Seer.

The update also brought some changes to World’s Edge which ended up altering the Apex Legends map rotations. As a result, players have now discovered a clever new hiding spot in Season 10.

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Valkyrie in Apex Legends

Reddit user AppropriateShallot8 showcased some of the new areas that have become accessible due to the Harvester moving. Many of these come with great tactical potential.

If you head over to the center of the turbine, you’ll come across a window panel that was previously blocked by a beam in the middle. Now that the Harvester has moved, you can take cover against the frame from the other side.

The Reddit user demonstrated the usefulness of this hiding spot by sending Valkyrie up there.

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The glass will protect you from nearby players, and you can start picking off your foes by either camping or placing down a drone. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed safety up there.

Enemy players can make use of the vantage points below to shoot you down. Still, this spot can be of great tactical advantage if you manage to get your Legend up there.

Be sure to try your luck in this new hiding spot the next time you land in World’s Edge, and check out how you can get your hands on the new Bangalore Edition in Apex Legends.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment 

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