Worst Apex Legends map becomes best thanks to major Season 21 changes

Joseph Pascoulis
terraformer poi on broken moon apex legends map

Broken Moon has generally been considered one of the worst Apex Legends maps due to its poor rotations and lack of diversity, but Season 21 has brought a massive turnaround, and it’s now actually my favorite.

Apex LegendsBroken Moon map was released in Season 15, receiving quite a lot of criticism from the community. The map was huge, the POI scale felt off, rotations weren’t enjoyable, and the lack of diversity in the locations made it feel bland.

I used to dread it being in the rotation, and would even avoid playing ranked if it was the live map. However, Apex Legends Season 21 has introduced some massive changes to Broken Moon that have completely changed my, and many others’, opinion.

Broken Moon feels like a brand-new map, and I agree with Reddit user ‘tyyppixd,’ who said it looks “amazing” now, as the new skybox and environments are stunning.

The gameplay has improved greatly too, as Broken Moon’s changes in Season 21 tightened up the middle of the map thanks to the removal of Promenade, which was replaced by Quarantine Zone, an extremely fun POI with a crazy amount of loot.

New POI on Broken Moon in Apex Legends Season 21
Quarantine Zone is a POI packed with loot and fun building designs.

The scrapping of this POI has been welcomed by the community, as previously, Promenade was pretty much the only way to rotate through the middle of the map, causing “endless third parties,” as one Reddit user put it.

Many, including myself, are happy to see this area gone: “Promenade is gone so hell yes I’m loving it,” said a Reddit user, while another also shared a similar opinion in a separate thread, “Promenade gone lets gooo.”

Fights now feel more isolated in the middle of Broken Moon, and with the introduction of new POIs such as Hazmat Tunnel, Solar Pods, Space Port, and Underpass, there’s much more density and diversity across the map.

Compared to other maps, it feels much easier to get loot too, as the POIs are filled with loot bins and floor loot so that you can get what you need to start the match on the right foot.

New rotation options have been added that allow players to cut through areas and get around more freely. This means there’s less funneling and more opportunity to rotate without being restricted to a few options, which previously caused pile-ups.

In general, the map has been reduced in size and become much more dense, making it feel less barren and open. It plays extremely well in ranked, and I’d even go as far as to say it’s now my favorite map to play in Apex Legends.

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