Apex Legends District: Leaked Season 22 map, POIs, more

Joseph Pascoulis
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Apex Legends leaks have revealed a new map in the works for the battle royale, which is said to be arriving in Season 22. Here’s everything we know about the Apex Legends District map, including the leaked POIs.

Things are heating up in Apex Legends, with teasers and leakers revealing new details left, right, and center. As well as Season 21‘s new Legend, dataminers have also managed to scrap information about the next map for the battle royale, reportedly titled District.

Here’s everything we know about the Apex Legends District map, including all the leaked POIs and more.

Apex Legends leaked District map details

According to reliable leaker Osvaldatore, District is a new Apex Legends map that will arrive with Season 22. The map was first brought to players’ attention back in Season 19, as the devs seemed to tease the map in-game.

District is said to be on Suotamo, which is one of the largest cities in the Outlands and also where the Legend Crypto grew up. Leaked images of the Apex Legends District map POIs showed a neon-covered cityscape section, along with a more industrial area.

Apex Legends District map POIs leaked

Osvaldatore has revealed 10 images of different POIs for the Apex Legends District map. Here’s a full list of the leaked POIs:

  • Blossom Drive
  • City Hall
  • Drydock Arcade
  • Electro Dam
  • Hillside
  • Humbert Labs
  • Fan Slums
  • Resort
  • Street Market
  • Oceania

The leaker also revealed a wider image of the whole map, which gives players an idea of what the layout and look of District will be like. Keep in mind that these are just leaks and all of this information, if true, is subject to change, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Perhaps District will arrive in replacement of Olympus, which was seen exploding above Broken Moon after arriving from a portal that many believe was created by the Season 21 Legend, who will reportedly be named Alter.

Once we have more information about District in Apex Legends, we’ll be sure to update this piece with further leaks and official announcements from Respawn. For now, make sure you also check out:

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