All Apex Legends Storm Point map changes in Season 19: Every new POI

Joseph Pascoulis
storm point in apex legends season 19

Apex Legends’ Storm Point map is getting some hefty changes in Season 19. For those wondering what they look like, here’s every change coming to the map now that the storm has passed.

Apex Legends Season 19 will bring a fresh update to the game with lots of new content including a brand-new Legend in Conduit.

As well as a new Legend, Storm Point is returning after a short hiatus, and the devs have revealed that the map has received an overhaul. So, if you’re interested in what the tropical map looks like now that the storm has passed, here are all the changes and new additions to Storm Point in the Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite update.

Every Storm Point map change in Apex Legends Season 19

Storm Point suffered greatly from the huge storm that has now passed. The storm devastated “certain “major sections” of the map, but thankfully, a lot of the island has been rebuilt, presenting new POIs and developments for players to enjoy. The devs are calling the map’s overhaul “Energized Storm Point.”

There are a total of six new POIs being introduced to Storm Point come Season 19, as well as reworks for locations such as Lightning Rod. The overall map size has also been reduced, as the devs hope this will increase the frequency of encounters on Storm Point, and the Prowlers have been removed from the center of the map.

Zeus Station POI in Apex Legends' Storm Point map
Apex Legends Season 19 brings new POIs such as Zeus Station to Storm Point.

There’s also a new pretty pink skybox to indicate the storm’s passing, bringing a completely new vibe to Storm Point. You can check out all the new POIs below.

All new Storm Point POIs in Apex Legends Season 19

Here’s a full list of all the map changes coming so that you have a better idea of what to expect:

  • Devastated Coast (formerly Fish Farms)
  • Wattson’s Pylon
  • Zeus Station
  • Ceto Station
  • Coastal Camp
  • Echo HQ

Players can expect other smaller changes throughout the map as the devs have aimed to reduce Storm Point’s size and bring a more “fun” experience for players based on community feedback.

We’ll have to wait and see how much the map has actually changed come October 31, when Season 19 arrives, but until then, check out everything you need to know about cross-progression in the new update.

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