Apex Legends players believe teaser offers first look at leaked “District” map

Joseph Pascoulis
duardo scrolling through news on tablet in apex legends cinematic

As Apex Legends edges closer to its fifth anniversary, players have discovered an intriguing teaser that could point to the battle royale’s next new map.

Apex Legends Season 19 is well underway, but as always, despite the new content and popular Three Strikes LTM, players are still looking forward to new content.

It’s not every season that a new map is brought to Apex Legends. The last time a new map launched was in Season 15 with Broken Moon. While Storm Point received a hefty overhaul in the Season 19 update, players are expecting to see a new map for the battle royale soon, and it seems the devs may be teasing it already, perhaps in time for a Season 20 release date.

In the ongoing storyline between the Legends and Duardo, in which the Legends led by Loba are trying to seize and destroy Revenant’s head, players spotted an interesting teaser at the start of the new cinematic.

Apex Legends District map teaser

As Duardo scrolls through his tablet, checking the news, players noticed the top story: “Tensions Rise as Suotamo Faces Continuous Power Outages.” The news story came with an image of the city Suotamo, which is where Crypto grew up.

Suotamo is one of the Outlands’ largest cities, and whenever it has been depicted, it has had a neon, cyberpunk-esque appearance, just like what is seen in the news story teaser. The speculation is that Suotamo will be the new Apex Legends map, and its codename is “district.”

Although nothing has been confirmed, the power outages on Suotamo would offer a great opportunity for the Apex Games to swoop in and provide energy at the cost of hosting the battle royale.

Further, as well as being closely connected to Crypto, it is also on the planet Gaea, which is of great significance as it’s also the home planet of Ballistic, Caustic, and Rampart. This adds more credibility to the speculation, as we know Respawn like to add maps that are linked to the game’s lore and characters.

Players seem to like the setting, as one comment under the Reddit post said, “I love it, dark and neon lights make it cool.” Its arrival in Season 20 is just speculation for now, but since the next season will mark the fifth anniversary of the game, players feel it would “make sense for it to release then.”

We’ll have to wait and see if District is set to be the new map and if it will drop in Season 20. As and when new information, teasers, and leaks are revealed about Apex Legends Season 20, we’ll be sure to keep you updated to stay tuned. For now, check out how cross-progression works in Apex Legends.