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How to check Apex Legends map rotation in Season 11

We’ve found a great way for Apex Legends players to check the active map in Season 11 with a handy map rotation tracker.



Storm Point in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 11 has brought various changes, one of which is the map rotation. With the new map Storm Point now in the game, here’s how you can check the map rotation without being in-game.

In Apex Legends Season 11, players have been gifted a brand new map Storm Point. The map brings a beachy vibrance to the game.

With a new map, we’re sure players are looking to spend time on it. With this in mind, we found a great tool to help you track when the map you like is available to play without even opening the game.

Apex Legends map rotation tracker

Apex Legends map rotation tracker

In Apex Legends Season 11, there are two maps in rotation, Storm Point and World’s Edge. As for Ranked Leagues, the first split is Storm Point and the second is World’s Edge.

There are even more maps in the game thanks to Arenas. Currently, the maps in rotation are Party Crasher, Overflow, Encore, and Phase Runner.

With a handy website called apexmap, players can easily see what map is currently active in public games. This website doesn’t only show you the active map. It also gives you a count down until it will be replaced.

Moreover, by clicking on “Upcoming Maps,” players can see when the maps will rotate. To be even more specific, the “Check Map” tab will allow you to enter a date and time to check exactly what map will be available when you hop on the game.

Arenas map rotation tracker

Apex Legends Arenas map rotation tracker

If you are more interested in Arenas, don’t worry, the apexmap website also has you covered. By clicking the icon next to the bell in the top right, you will be able to select the “Arena map tracker,” which will give you a full breakdown of the Arenas map rotation.

Be sure to use this tool when you want to hop on Apex Legends but aren’t sure if the map you want to play is currently active. This way, you can time when you and your squad play and have a better experience by playing the maps you enjoy more.

That’s all for how to check the Apex Legends map rotation in Season 11. For more on Apex, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on the Black Friday sale.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment