Apex Legends players shocked by “huge” respawn system changes in Season 19

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends player using a mobile respawn beacon in kings canyon

Apex Legends is set to bring “huge” changes to the way the respawning system works in Season 19 of the battle royale, and the community has shared mixed reactions.

Apex Legends Season 19 is set for Halloween, bringing an exciting new Legend in Conduit, who looks to provide shield support on the battlefield, as well as major changes to Storm Point, which have reduced the map’s size and brought new POIs for players to enjoy.

While lots of information about the new season has already been shared, with Legend and weapon buffs also being revealed, one major change seemed to have gone under the radar, and it’s to do with the respawning system in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 19 makes major changes to respawning

Starting in Season 19, after players are brought back to life using a Respawn Beacon, they will now drop back into the match with the Armor Level and weapons they died with (except for Care Package guns), as well as two stacks of ammo for each of their guns.

This led to many mixed reactions, but generally shock, as many feel the respawn system tweaks are a “game changer.”


Under KralRindo‘s X post highlighting the Season 19 changes to the respawning system in Apex Legends, some reacted negatively, with one comment that read “this is one of the worst changes of all time,” while another agreed, “oh god this is awful.”

On the complete flip side, some like the change, as one user commented, “oh i LOVE THAT,” and another said, “this is gonna be good.”

Having the same level of armor and the weapons with ammo after you respawn into a match will definitely make a huge difference when it comes to surviving after being resurrected. Usually, players would spawn in and have to rush to a death box to find weapons and armor, but this will make the recovery process much faster.

While the change has certainly split the community opinion, there’s no doubt that most agree that the change is “huge,” as many comments express how impactful the change will be. We’ll have to wait and see how big the change is come October 31, when Season 19 officially lands.

Until then, make sure you also check out all of the ranked changes coming in Apex Legends Season 19 and how cross-progression works.

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