How to unlock LVOA-C in XDefiant

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant Season 1 LVOA-C Assault Rifle

Season 1 marks XDefiant‘s first major seasonal update, bringing a ton of content for players to unlock and enjoy, including new weapons such as the LVOA-C.

If you’re wondering how to unlock this new Assault Rifle, here’s all you need to know.

How to get LVOA-C Assault Rifle

The LVOA-C Assault Rifle can be unlocked once you reach Tier 20 of the Season 1 Battle Pass. This is one of the BP’s free tiers, meaning you’ll only need to grind the BP to claim the reward, you won’t have to spend any money to get it.

As shared by the devs during the XDebrief, this AR is “a snazzy customized rifle similar to the M4A1. It has a much faster rate of fire than the M4A1, but with that comes more recoil and less range. It also has slightly longer reload and equip times.”

LVOA-C Assault Rifle in XDefiant
The LVOA-C is described as the “souped-up M4.”

Like other weapons, the gun will have a wide variety of attachments available to maximize its potential, including one of the biggest magazines in the game, boasting over 40 bullets, which could prove essential to pick off several enemies before reloading.

Given ARs are usually favored to take over the game’s meta, make sure you unlock the LVOA-C as soon as possible in order to get all the attachments and dominate enemy teams easily.

Those who have played The Division will be familiar with the LVOA-C, as it was one of the most popular weapons in the game across both the first and second installments, offering reliable damage and recoil control.

The Season 1 Battle Pass includes 90 tiers of rewards distributed across free and premium options. If you’re looking to expand your weapon arsenal, be sure to grind it to claim all the guns for free.

Also, check out the best controller and audio settings to level up all the offerings and enjoy the update.

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