All XDefiant Mastery camos & how to unlock them

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant Bronze, Silver, and Gold Mastery camos

The weapon Mastery camos in XDefiant allow you to customize how your weapon looks, while also letting you showcase how proficient you are with a particular gun.

The first season of XDefiant has introduced a lot of content and three new Mastery Levels have been introduced. So, here’s everything you need to know about all the Mastery camos.

How to unlock Mastery camos

To unlock the Mastery camo for a particular weapon, you will have to use the weapon in matches and gain XP for it. There are no in-game challenges and the entire system depends on how much XP you earn with that particular weapon.

There are six different Mastery tiers for every weapon, and here’s how you can achieve them.


XDefiant Bronze Mastery camo
XDefiant’s Bronze will be the first Mastery camo you can unlock in the game.

To get XDefiant’s Bonze Mastery camo, you’ll need to reach Weapon Level 100 with your selected gun. To do this efficiently, be sure you secure the best loadout for your weapon to make killing enemies a breeze.


XDefiant Silver Mastery camo
XDefiant’s Silver camo features a shiny chrome pattern.

To get XDefiant’s Silver Mastery camo, you’ll need to reach Weapon Level 150 with your preferred gun. Like the other camos, maximizing the Weapon XP you get will be crucial, so activating XP Boosters is a must.


XDefiant Gold Mastery camo
Gold in XDefiant is the third camo you can get from the Mastery camo roster.

To get XDefiant’s Gold Mastery camo, you’ll need to reach Weapon Level 200 with your selected gun. This could take some time, so just focus on the selected weapon and activate any Weapon XP Boosters to make the grind faster.

Titanium Violet

Titanium Violet weapon camo
You need to make a 100 level jump to get to the Titanium Violet weapon Mastery camo.

To get the Titanium Violet Mastery camo, you need to reach Weapon Level 300 with a gun. This is a steep jump from Gold because you’ll have to unlock a whopping 100 levels to get to this point.

Titanium Azure

Titanium Azure weapon camo

The Titanium Azure Mastery camo is locked at Weapon Level 350, so you will have to make sure that you earn as much XP as possible in every match and make fair use of the Weapon XP boosters in the game.

Titanium Prisma

Titanium Prisma weapon camo

Hitting the final weapon Mastery tier at Weapon Level 400 will give you access to the Titanium Prisma camo. To get to this level, not only will you have to make use of Weapon XP Boosters, but you’ll also have to target double XP weekends otherwise it will take you a lot of time to unlock this camo.

While you’re unlocking these camos for different weapons, don’t forget to check out the new GSK Faction in XDefiant, along with all the Ranked rewards for the first season.

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