How to unlock L115 Sniper Rifle in XDefiant

Aryan Singh
L115 sniper rifle in XDefiant

XDefiant Season 1 adds the L115 Sniper Rifle, a hard-hitting weapon that quickscopers will want to unlock.

This new bolt-action weapon aims to provide the ideal “middle ground” between the M44 and TAC-50, offering decent damage output without compromising on speed and ADS times.

If you haven’t been impressed with the other two Snipers, the L115 could be the rifle for you. But, before testing it out, you’ll need to unlock the weapon.

How to get L115 Sniper

The L115 Sniper can be unlocked as part of the Season 1 Battle Pass at tier 50. Just like the LVOA-C and Sawed-Off Shotgun, the weapon is available on the free rewards track so you won’t have to spend a penny to get it.

The Season Pass features 90 tiers in total, so you’ll have to grind a fair bit to unlock the weapon as it sits just beyond the halfway point. To speed up progress, focus on completing Daily Challenges or using XP Boosters.

Ubisoft have stated that Season 1 weapons can be unlocked in later seasons through different methods, so you’ll have a chance to unlock the sniper in a future season in case you miss out. However, it’s worth noting that the devs are yet to reveal exactly how this system will function.

The Sniper itself can deliver one-shot kills, especially if you hit near the upper torso region of enemies. Aside from this, the L115 feels faster in action compared to the TAC-50, but offers less damage.

The devs described the weapon as being the “middle ground” between the other two Snipers. They stated that “the L115 is right in that sweet spot without sacrificing damage. So, not too slow, not too fast, but pretty reliable on those one-shot kills.”

XDefiant Season 1 offers more than just new weapons, so check out the new GSK Faction along with all the details on the Ranked mode.

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