The Finals: How to use arena carriables to deal damage

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A cylinder in The Finals on fire.

The Finals Season 1 is in full swing and you must complete a wide range of challenges to efficiently level up the Battle Pass and unlock your favorite cosmetics. A weekly challenge requires you to deal damage with arena carriables in The Finals, and here’s everything to know about completing it.

The Finals had two massively popular betas following which it was released without prior notice during The Game Awards 2023. The FPS title has managed to sustain a sizeable player base since then as players are busy leveling up their Battle Pass and competing in Ranked Tournaments and other modes.

If you want to level up quickly, completing the Daily and Weekly Contracts will definitely come in handy. While most of these challenges are quite straightforward, some can be tough to crack.

One such challenge requires you to deal damage with arena carriables, and here’s everything to know about completing it.

The Finals gameplay
There are many ways to destroy the environment in The Finals.

What are arena carriables in The Finals?

Arena carriables in The Finals are the five different types of cylinders that you can pick during matches. These include:

  • Goo cylinders
  • Explosive cylinders
  • Poison cylinders
  • Flammable cylinders
  • Powder cylinders

There’s no limit on how long you can hold these items before throwing them, however, if you grab and release them a couple of times quickly, the cylinders will explode.

How to deal damage with arena carriables in The Finals

You can deal damage with arena carriables in The Finals by picking them by pressing F/Triangle/Y and hitting the opponent directly. All five cylinders in the game have different properties which naturally has an impact on the overall damage you’ll be able to deal.

You can also change the keybind for carrying the carriables using the settings menu.

How to complete Carried Away weekly challenge in The Finals

Here’s how you can use the arena carriables to deal damage and complete the Carried Away weekly challenge in The Finals:

  1. Goo cylinders – These pink cylinders create a wall when broken and you can use them to protect yourself from incoming attacks. While defending a Cashout station, these cylinders can change the course of the game.
  2. Explosive cylinders – These red cylinders explode as soon as they touch anything after being thrown. They deal AoE damage and are one of the best items to complete the arena carriables challenge. Avoid exploding these cylinders in close range though, as they can damage you and your teammates as well.
  3. Poison cylinders – These green cylinders contain poisonous gas which is released in an area after they explode. Do note that fire gadgets counter the effects of toxic gas so avoid using items like Pyro Grenades or Flammable cylinders while the gas is spreading.
  4. Flammable cylinders – These yellow cylinders are filled with flammable gas. They do not explode on impact but start a fire when you melee or shoot them once and deal AoE damage. Ideally, you can use these cylinders to defend your team in Cashout Stations, and forcing the opponents to remain in the fire can even lead to their elimination.
  5. Powder cylinders – These black cylinders are best suited for sneaky plays as they create a thick layer of smoke after exploding.

It is important to note that the Carried Away weekly challenge only registers damage upon impact and the additional fire/poison damage from the cylinders won’t help in completing the challenge.

The rather complicated conditions attached to the challenge have left the community divided and if the developers decide to change them, we’ll make sure to update this space.

Best way to deal damage using arena carriables in The Finals

If your damage after throwing arena carriables in The Finals doesn’t add to the Carried Away weekly challenge, we recommend throwing them on the Guardian Turret instead. It is a Specialization for the Medium build but finding them during a match is purely based on luck.

An explosive cylinder in The Finals
You can blow up cylinders with a C4 for explosive damage in The Finals.

How to nuke using arena carriables in The Finals

Heavy-build players in The Finals can attach the C4 gadget to any of the arena carriables mentioned above and throw them on opponents or buildings to deal massive amounts of damage. This is currently one of the most popular strategies in the meta and unless the developers significantly nerf it, you should rely on it to shock the enemies.

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