The Finals: How to counter invisible Light builds

Nikhil Bahuguna
The Finals character with hand out to grab

The Finals offers action-packed gameplay across every game mode but your fun can be ruined by invisible Light players. So, if you’re looking for the best ways to counter invisible Light builds in The Finals, running the Cloaking Device, here’s all you need to know.

The Finals has quickly emerged as one of the most played FPS games, with many in the community busy quickly leveling up the Season 1 Battle Pass. The game features three builds, Light, Medium, and Heavy, with each class offering unique weapons, Specializations, and Gadgets.

As the name suggests, Light is the fastest, Medium is a bit slower, and Heavy is the slowest build in the game. Running the Light Contestant can be rewarding if you enjoy playing aggressively, but it has only 150 HP, as compared to 250 and 350 for Medium and Heavy respectively.

However, Lights can unlock and use the Cloaking Device, which will make you hard to spot while moving and invisible while being still for a rechargeable period, enabling you to be a menace against clueless enemies.

So, if you’re tired of running into such players, or simply looking to be aware of the counters to Light build with Cloaking Device, here are the best ways to counter invisible players in The Finals.

Best ways to counter Light builds using Cloaking Device

The Finals light build with Cloaking Device
There are two ways to be invisible in The Finals.

Here are the best ways to counter invisible Light players in The Finals:

  • Use Recon Senses for Medium builds: This Specialization will allow you to see through walls, and reveal any invisible players. The players appear like images in a thermal camera and you should note that the visibility decreases with range. In simple terms, the closer the enemy, the better you can see them through objects and structures.
  • Be extra careful around Cashout points and before reviving: Invisible Light players running the Cloaking Device often camp the objectives and dead bodies to rack up easy kills.
  • Use area of effect and other revealing Gadgets:
    • Thermal Vision (Light)
    • Sonar Grenade (Medium) – Has a small pulsating radius so it’s ideal for objective points/small areas
    • Gas mines and other area of effect Gadgets – Damage to invisible Light players reveals them temporarily
  • Improve visibility and focus on sound cues: While decloaking, there’s an audible sound cue so if a Light player is about to shoot you or behind you, being aware of this sound will help you react in time. Additionally, if you use the best graphics settings and boost your digital vibrance, you can clearly see players using the Cloaking Device.

Keep in mind that there’s another way to become invisible in The Finals, using the Vanishing Bomb, which is a Gadget for the Light class only. However, the Vanishing Bomb has an area of effect that can allow you to provide invisibility for a short time to your teammates as well.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know to counter the invisible Light builds in The Finals. For more content on the game, be sure to check these:

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