Fortnite players reveal tips to max out Battle Pass ready for Chapter 5 Season 2

Amitesh Dhar
Agent Jones in Fortnite

Most Fortnite players have constantly complained about the Battle Pass being too grindy. So ahead of Chapter 5 Season 2, players shared some tips to max it out without much effort.

Fortnite players can level their Battle Pass up by earning XP in matches across the different modes in the Battle Royale. The most amount of XP comes from completing the various challenges that players can complete throughout the season.

While the main rewards in the Battle Pass are contained within the first 100 levels. players can go past the said levels and earn additional rewards as well.

However, according to ‘OneOdd1sBoi’ on Reddit, reaching the Bonus Rewards section is “too grindy” and requires a lot of effort.

Players within the Fortnite community shared tips about how to level up quickly, with some suggesting that they had maxxed out their Battle Pass by playing on the different experiences in the game currently.

One player said, ” I did the Rocket Racing dailies every day I got level 200 in the BP with 40+ days to spare.” ‘RexGoliath75’ commented, “This season was long as hell and we have 5 different game modes + Creative to take advantage off when it comes to XP.”

Redditors also pointed out that players could get 5 levels for AFK farming LEGO Fortnite but were unsure if it would be there in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. ‘H20scorpion’ said, “For people that don’t know, you can get like 5 levels from going afk in Lego Fortnite for 3.5 hours. (30k xp every 15 minutes). Hopefully they don’t change it next season.”

Although there’s a chance that Epic Games might do away with this method in the new season, a different player pointed out that Supercharged XP worked well when it comes to pushing through levels and unlocking rewards on the Fortnite Battle Pass.

A different Redditor commented, “Log on day one of new season, get a few levels, get win glider, log off for months. Come back near the end of the season, do every weekly + supercharged XP, get to ~160-200. It works surprisingly well!”

Others added that players could play various Creative Maps and the Save The World mode for a decent amount of XP as well. One fan added, “I AFK in Save The World ssd (Storm Shield Defense) and get like 10 levels a day, I’m level 463.”

With the new season of Fortnite due on March 8, the tips shared by the players in the community could come in handy if you want to make the most out of their Battle Pass. Till then, be sure to check out how much your Fortnite skins are worth, and the rarest emotes in the game.