How to get all The Finals hidden achievements

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The Finals is a competitive game in which hoarding cash and killing your opponents is key to victory. The way you play your matches can help you unlock some unexpected achievements, and here’s how to get all six hidden achievements in The Finals.

Following its stealth release during The Game Awards, The Finals has amassed a massive player base and is currently among Steam’s top 10 most-played games. The dynamic environments and unique builds that make every match a special challenge seem to sit well with most players, and with plenty of content to come shortly, the game’s future looks bright.

Outside of the Ranked Tournaments and the standard gameplay, The Finals also has certain achievements that can be unlocked by performing unusual actions during matches. This is much harder than it sounds, and getting all the achievements might require some planning.

On that note, here’s how to get all six of The Finals’ hidden achievements.

The Finals gameplay
You can freely destroy the environment in The Finals.

All The Finals hidden achievements and how to get them

Here’s how you can get all six The Finals hidden achievements:

The Finals hidden achievementHow to get
Artful Expressionist Use an emote while emoting. This isn’t possible in gun or melee combat but you can time a grenade throw and start an emote before it lands.
Alternatively, you can start a fire around your character and emote right before they’re about to die.
Blast CasterPut an explosive mine on a item that you can carry and throw it on an opponent to get an elimination. Timing is key to completing this achievement.
Space Rock SkipperTowards the second half and the end of some matches, a Meteor Shower begins to destroy the environment. During this time, play a Medium build, correctly predict where a Meteor will fall, and place a Jump Pad there. You’ll get the achievement if the Meteor bounces off the Jump Pad.
Sky Bridge SaboteurDestroy the only skybridge in Seol. Light build players can use four Breach Charges and other builds can explode the red cylinders scattered near the bridge.
ShowboasterEliminate a player and emote right after it. However, make sure that you’re not surrounded by other enemies that can kill you during the emote phase.
Butter Fingers It’s probably the easiest The Finals hidden achievement to get. Get killed by your own grenade.

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