Starfield player shocked to find detailed new area after 800 hours

Nathan Warby
The Lodge in Starfield

Although Starfield has been out for a while, the sheer size of the game means that discoveries are being made all the time, and players were over the moon when they stumbled on a new location after 800 hours of exploring.

After being one of the biggest games of last year, Starfield has retained a healthy player base well into 2024. Plenty of explorers still travel the stars completing tasks for the many factions, or blasting through another New Game Plus run.

With such a large galaxy featuring over 1,000 planets to explore, it’s no surprise that new discoveries are still being made to this day, from Easter eggs to new lore.

But, one Starfield player was shocked to find a whole area they hadn’t come across before, despite investing hundreds of hours into the game.

Reddit user ‘Constellation_XI’ shared a post explaining that they’d found a new location on Maheo, 800 hours into their journey. While exploring the planet they noticed a luxury building swarming with pirates, complete with multiple rooms including a large lounge or living space, as well as a swimming area.

While many of the buildings scattered around each planet in Starfield are fairly similar, procedurally generated outposts, this one featured extra levels of detail. So much so that many players couldn’t believe that there was no objective tied to the area and rued the missed opportunity.

“It’s not tied to a quest? That seems awfully unique and extravagant to be random,” said one reply, before another added: “And it’s sad because of the information you gain while clearing the place out. That there’s an entire backstory and could have been an ongoing quest.”

Meanwhile, others had different ideas for what the fancy area could be used for, arguing that it would make for a great base if they were able to set up an Outpost anywhere.

Although there doesn’t appear to be any kind of mission linked to the mystery building, those who had come across it before did reveal that it’s home to a handful of legendary items, including free swimsuits.

With more updates and the long-awaited Shattered Space DLC still to come, there will likely be even more interesting secrets to find in Starfield in the future.

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