Shocked Starfield player discovers “second half” of New Atlantis after over 70 hours

Nathan Warby
New Atlantis in Starfield

Starfield’s New Atlantis is the game’s main hub city and explorers spend plenty of time there over the course of the campaign. But one was stunned to discover there was even more to the location after over 70 hours.

Starfield features a vast universe for players to get lost in, full of diverse planets to explore, factions to meet, and missions to complete. However, there are a handful of spots across the galaxy that they must return to time and time again.

One of these is New Atlantis, found on the planet Jemison. The city is the home of Constellation and the capital of the United Colonies, meaning a large chunk of the campaign takes place there.

However, despite spending so much time there, one Starfield player was shocked when they discovered that the location was actually twice as big as they first thought.

Reddit user ‘BipedRedBeard’ shared a post titled “After 70+ hours I just realized there is a second half to New Atlantis,” where they detailed their belated discovery.

“Only yesterday did I realize that you can use the elevator to get down to The Well in New Atlantis. To my surprise it’s a whole new section of the city with new characters, shops, etc,” said the OP. “It makes a little more sense now why BSG said it was their largest city yet.”

As a few confused Starfield players pointed out, an Activity involving “an electrical problem in the Well” becomes available on your first visit to New Atlantis. But the OP responded to explain how they’d managed to miss the underground area.

“I did get this activity, but the first time I tried going down there the marker lead me astray and it was confusing so I bailed,” they replied. “I assumed it was a small maintenance room or something.”

Despite this explanation, plenty of other users were still confused as to how such a large section of New Atlantis could be missed, especially given how many side jobs lead to The Well.

However, a few players lept to the OP’s defense, pointing out that “The Well was pretty bugged” at launch, meaning they could have easily overlooked the location due to broken Quests and markers.

Either way, the OP was clearly shocked to discover such a vast new area to explore, full of vendors and Activities, so deep into their playthrough.

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