Starfield players claim New Game Plus has major missed opportunity

Rajarshi Acharya
Starfield flying in space

Starfield players are disappointed that they cannot transfer their ships to New Game Plus, claiming that it makes the experience unsatisfactory.

Most Starfield players have been enjoying the game so far, despite it being one of Bethesda’s lowest-rated games. The massive game world has over 1,000 planets to explore, several companions to take along, and countless quests to get engrossed in. All the while, you’ll be traveling through space in a fully customizable ship.

Starfield, unlike most other Bethesda RPGs, includes New Game Plus. Sadly, you won’t get any of your ships from your previous playthrough. This is something many players have been complaining about on the Starfield subreddit.

When starting New Game Plus in Starfield, you only keep your levels, skills, powers, and research projects. Meanwhile, once you complete the main story questline, your inventories, outposts, credits, and ships are all reset.

Bethesda give you a unique Starborn ship and armor when you start NG+. With every subsequent playthrough, they get upgraded. To get the best variant of the ship, you must have started NG+ six times, whereas the armor requires ten. However, many players believe that these rewards are disappointing in comparison to the ones you give up from your previous playthrough.

One Redditor finds it weird that Bethesda “created modular spaceships that you can modify and the reward for NG+ is somehow a space ship that is not modifiable.” This reward is the Starborn Guardian, the unique ship you get after beating the main story. As another player commented, “it’s a great ship to fly from A to B if you’re just doing quests.” However, “for everything else, there’s other ships for the job.”

byu/AncientDoge from discussion

Some players even claimed that they’re not completing the main quest just sop they don’t lose their customized Starfield ships. Others stated that they won’t be attempting NG+ unless some mod allows them to transfer their ships. It’s unlikely that Starfield’s New Game Plus will undergo any major change, as it’s tied into the main plot itself.

Modders may indeed attempt to change how it works, as they have done with other Bethesda titles in the past. They’ve managed to fix the UI, another aspect of the game players were complaining about. They’ve also improved gameplay elements like combat and stealth AI.

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