Starfield player finds secret zero-gravity quest after over 800 hours

Aryan Singh
A space station in Starfield

Starfield’s massive open world is chock full of interesting quests, and some of them are tucked away in various parts of its galaxy. A player on Reddit recently happened upon one such quest which saw them explore a space station in zero-gravity.

The main highlight of Bethesda RPGs are their vast open worlds, and Starfield is no exception. The sci-fi title features their biggest open world to date, offering over 1,000 thousand explorable planets across 100 star systems. Each planet is visually distinct, thanks to different atmospheric conditions, unique landscapes, and even exotic wildlife.

But as intriguing as these planets are, the seemingly empty patches of space between them can often provide more engaging locations. The devs clearly worked towards making space interesting enough to wander around in, and they did so by adding points of interest in random star systems.

Some quests in Starfield will directly lead you to these locations, like the Almagest casino, while others can spawn in the form of derelict ships, abandoned space stations, and more. These POIs usually offer bite-sized stories alongside a nifty reward, and they’re certainly worth checking out.

A user on Reddit recently came across one of these random encounters and they posted their discovery on the Starfield subreddit. The post came from user ‘Constellation_XI,’ with the caption: “Somehow after 850+ hours I just now found the Trade Authority Space Station in the orbit of Prax.”

Attached to the post were screenshots of the location, showing off a Trade Authority Space Station overrun by raiders. It can be found in the Prax star system, and it houses a mini-quest for players to take on. Upon venturing inside, they’ll be greeted by an injured UC Marine, who asks them to clear out the station and collect a special reward.

The objective itself is pretty straightforward, as it involves shooting through a horde of Spacers. But Starfield makes this interesting by turning off the station’s gravity, which allows for a unique combat experience.

Users in the comments section felt the same, with one user saying, “Always love Zero G combat… it’s both annoying af and oddly satisfying all at the same time!” Other users shared how long it took for them to find the location, “Found that one recently too, after a bit over 1000 hours.”

It appeared that many users missed the space station entirely and were willing to jump back into Starfield to check it out, “I have over 1000 hours in and never saw this before. Going to check it out tonight.”

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