How to complete Starfield Mantis Quest for Legendary ship & spacesuit: Puzzle solution

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Razorleaf ship in StarfieldBethesda

The far reaches of Starfield’s galaxy can be wild without equipping yourself with the proper gear, but the Mantis sidequest offers an opportunity to claim a Legendary ship and spacesuit in the early game. Here’s how to complete Starfield’s Mantis Quest.

Starfield offers its players to explore a vast galaxy, albeit with numerous dangers lying in its depth. From space pirates attacking your ship or encountering deadly alien wildlife, you’ll need to ensure that your ship and armor keep you alive.

While you’re exploring the planets in the early game, you’ll be able to find and pick up powerful equipment, with one of them being a Legendary ship and a spacesuit. So, here’s everything you should know about Starfield’s Mantis sidequest, including how to start it, where to go, the puzzle solution, and the Legendary ship and spacesuit you can claim.

How to start Mantis Quest in Starfield

Missions Menu in StarfieldBethesda
You can find the Mantis quest early in the game.

To start the Mantis quest in Starfield, you have to pick up the ‘Secret Outpost!’ note from a Spacer’s body. We found ours in the Nova Galactic Staryard which you’ll visit in the main quest’s second mission, The Old Neighbourhood, so should be available to all players pretty early on.

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If you missed the note back in the Nova Galactic Staryard there’s a chance you’ll be able to find it on other Spacer’s bodies throughout the Galaxy so make sure you’re checking every corpse you find or leave behind.

Once you’ve picked up the note the task will be added to your so simply open up your inventory and read the note.

Starfield Mantis Lair location & walkthrough

You’ll be able to find the Mantis Lair in Starfield by heading to the Denebola I-b moon in the Denebola star system. With the note in hand, it should be easy to find as you can hit select the “Show on Map” option.

After landing at the system, be prepared for a fight as the Spacers will begin firing on you as soon as possible. Keep moving through the Mantis Lair picking up all of the notes you can find on the way until you meet Livvey, an NPC who will offer to help you solve the puzzle for a share in the reward.

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Following Sarah‘s advice, we chose not to trust him and sent him on his way. Of course, he turned on us immediately but didn’t put up much of a fight. After descending the stairs, you’ll be met with an Indiana Jones-style puzzle.

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How to complete Mantis Puzzle: Solution

To quickly and easily complete the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield, simply step on the buttons that spell out ‘Tyrannis’ and you’ll be able to pass through without harm. You can also hack the computer terminal if your skill is high enough, or try to Boost Pack across the room.

To summarize:

  1. Step on the buttons that spell Tyrannus.
  2. Hack the computer terminal.
  3. Boost Pack across the room.

After completing the puzzle you’ll head down an elevator with some high-level robot enemies on the other side. After defeating them, you can claim your rewards.

Mantis spacesuit in StarfieldBethesda
The Legendary Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield.

Starfield Mantis quest rewards

After getting past the Mantis Puzzle you’ll be awarded the Legendary Mantis Spacesuit and Razorleaf Mantis Ship.

The Razorleaf is a major upgrade over the Frontier so the Mantis Quest is well worth completing. The Mantis Spacesuit also comes with some extremely useful effects like +40 carry capacity which you’ll appreciate in the early game.

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